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Product 411: ColourPop Semi-Precious, Golden State of Mind, All I See Is Magic, Take Me Home, and Double Entendre Shadow Palettes

I've ever met a ColourPop Pressed Shadow Palette that I didn't like, which is why I think I own every one that they've put out so far.

They combine great quality with great value -- how can I resist?

Now, ColourPop does seem to come out with a new palette every week, which is a little overwhelming, but I'm not about to complain.

Over the past couple of months, I've tried the Semi-Precious, Golden State of Mind, All I See Is Magic, Take Me Home, and Double Entendre Palettes -- and they're just as good as all of the other palettes I've tried from ColourPop.

The palettes vary in size, but they all come in sturdy cardboard packaging that's thin and convenient to store. The only one that has a mirror inside, though, is the mini, Take Me Home.

The Semi-Precious Palette has 8 metallic shadows in both cool and warm tones, but the pans are larger than those in most ColourPop palettes.

The shades include: Celestial, warm champagne ivory; Beam Me Up, icy pale blue; Easy Go, vibrant cranberry; Up & Atom, golden amber; West Star, rich copper brown; Bashful, soft icy green; Upon a Star, cool rose; and The Game, antique gold.

ColourPop Semi-Precious Shadow Palette

While this palette isn't really a standalone because of all the metallic shades, it is absolutely lovely. You'll probably want to bring in a matte or two to complete your look, but you can't beat the shades and performance of this palette.

From l. to r.: Celesital, Beam Me Up, Easy Go, Up & Atom

From l. to r.: West Star, Bashful, Upon a Star, The Game
Beam Me Up, Easy Go, Bashful, and Upon a Star are my personal favorites.

You can get the Semi-Precious Palette for $18 at the moment (originally $26!).

The Golden State of Mind Palette contains 15 shadows with a glitter finish.

ColourPop Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette
The shades include: Golden Egg, pinky beige with turquoise glitter; Pay the Piper, icy blue; GRLFRND, pink with violet glitter; Zero Clue, vibrant warm yellow; Watch Out, golden ivory with pink glitter; Drizzle, icy baby pink; Uptight, rose gold; Can't Stop, icy champagne ivory; Sparkler, silvery bronze; Unsupervised, pink champagne; Lust in Time, medium cool rose; Mind Tricks, icy blackened purple; Wing Woman, red brown with green and gold glitter; Heads or Tales, icy cranberry; and Tinker Time, blackened antique gold with blue glitter.

ColourPop Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette
While these are glitter shadows, they're not really traditional glittery shadows in that they don't have big chunky glitter. Still, like the Semi-Precious, you'll need to supplement this palette with some matte or at least satin shadows for a complete eye look.

From l. to r.: Golden Egg, Pay the Piper, GRLFRND, Zero Clue, Watch Out

From l. to r.: Drizzle, Uptight, Can't Stop, Sparkler, Unsupervised

From l. to r.: Lust in Time, Mind Tricks, Wing Woman, Heads or Tales, Tinker Time
Still, Golden State of Mind is beautiful, and is an ideal palette to have in your collection for evening or special occasion looks.

(Though, honestly, I've used for everyday looks too.)

The Golden State of Mind Palette is $20 right now on the ColourPop website, but only $18 at Sephora.

The All I See Is Magic Palette is probably my favorite of this batch.

ColourPop All I See Is Magic Shadow Palette
Like the Golden State of Mind, it contains 15 shadows, but this one is a combination of matte, metallic, and glitter shades, so you can easily do a complete eye look with it.

ColourPop All I See Is Magic Shadow Palette
The shades include: Go Wish, a matte pale peach; Now and Zen, metallic pale yellow gold; 11:11, metallic rose gold with silver glitter; Treat Yourself, a satin true ivory; Top Notch, a matte terracotta brown; Tinsel Town, a matte cranberry; Twinkle Toes, metallic black gold; Something Special, metallic deep maroon with purple glitter; Wishful Winking, metallic warm brown with teal duochrome; Pitter Patter, metallic rosy copper with gold flecks; Save It For Later, metallic amber; Big Spoon, a matte pastel coral; T-Cup, a matte warm dusty taupe; Imperial, a matte soft red orange; and Never Never, a metallic dark color with multi-color glitter.

From l. to r.: Go Wish, Now and Zen, 11:11, Treat Yourself, Top Notch

From l. to r.: Tinsel Town, Twinkle Toes, Something Special, Wishful Winking, Pitter Patter

From l. to r.: Save It For Later, Big Spoon, T-Cup, Imperial, Never Never

The shades are absolutely gorgeous in this palette, and the shadows perform as well as my favorite ColourPop pressed shadows.

You can get All I See Is Magic Palette for $20.

The Take Me Home Palette is a mini, travel-friendly option that contains just 6 shadows. The shades are some of ColourPop's best sellers, so if you have some of the single shadows, you may already have some of these.

ColourPop Take Me Home Shadow Palette
The shades include: Issues, matte pastel peach; Side Tracked, matte terracotta with gold flecks; French Kiss, matte medium chocolate brown; Salt Water, metallic golden peach; Popular Demand, matte red brown; and Bitter Better metallic soft gold.

ColourPop Take Me Home Shadow Palette

From l. to r: Issues, Side Tracked, French Kiss, Salt Water, Popular Demand, Bitter Better
This is a handy little palette to throw in your bag for, and works well for basic looks but this one is particularly exciting.

You can get it for $10 on the ColourPop website.

The Double Entendre Palette is a standard size ColourPop palette with 12 shadows in nude, natural tones.
Colour Pop Double Entendre Shadow Palette
The shades include: Locked & Loaded, matte pale yellow; Uninhibited, metallic deep gold; Hot Bod, matte chocolate brown with gold flecks; Flasher, satin soft ivory; Nekkid, matte pastel orange; Extra Curricular, matte burnt orange; Hard, matte deep terracotta; Draft, metallic rich rose gold; Keep It PG, metallic champagne gold; Nip Slip, matte warm saddle brown; Send Noodles, matte soft tan; and Teddy Bare, matte deep chocolate brown.

ColourPop Double Entendre Shadow Palette
This is a nice everyday palette. It leans more toward the warm end of the spectrum, like so many palettes these days, but if you're looking for another basic warm-toned option, this is a really nice one.

From l. to r.: Locked & Loaded, Uninhibited, Hot Bod, Flasher

From l. to r.: Nekkid, Extra Curricular, Hard, Draft

From l. to r.: Keep It PG, Nip Slip, Send Noodles, Teddy Bare

You can purchase it for $16 on the ColourPop website.

All in all, I would recommend any one of these palettes because you really can't beat the value and quality that ColourPop delivers.

Have you tried the ColourPop Semi-Precious, Golden State of Mind, All I See Is Magic, Take Me Home, and/or Double Entendre Shadow Palettes? Which is your favorite?

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