Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Product Review -- Maple Holistics Jojoba Oil

Note: Maple Holistics sent me the jojoba oil for review consideration. While I did not pay for the product, all of the opinions and thoughts contained in this review are my own. 

For the past five years or so, I've been a big fan of facial oils.

My skin has gotten increasingly dry as I've gotten older, and I've found that using a facial oil really helps keep my skin hydrated.

Sometimes, I use the oil on its own under my moisturizer and other times, I'll mix it into my moisturizer to help boost its hydration power.

And so far, so good -- I've been able to keep the dry, flaky patches at bay.

Usually, I reach for argan or rose hip seed oil, which I've had good results with -- but lately, I've had some issues with breakouts. It's nothing too serious but still annoying, so I thought it might be a good idea to switch to jojoba oil for a while.

Jojoba oil is very moisturizing like other facial oils, but it actually resembles the natural sebum found in our skin so it's often recommended for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

The Maple Holistics Jojoba Oil  comes in a dark blue glass bottle with a medicine dropper dispenser that allows you to squeeze out just the right amount. The bottle contains 2 ounces of the oil, which seems pretty generous to me since most of the facial oils I use come in glass bottle that only offer 1 ounce of product.

Maple Holistics Jojoba Oil
The oil itself is 100% pure, and it's cold-pressed and unrefined, which is an important detail to note because it means that the oil's vitamins and antioxidants haven't been lost due to heat during the extraction process.

The jojoba oil itself has a fairly thin consistency, so it spreads well and the skin absorbs it easily. That means no greasy residue is left behind, which is a pet peeve of mine with facial oils.

Best of all, it really does hydrate the skin well, so it feels soft and smooth and has a nice, healthy glow. It does feel like a little bit lighter of a moisturizer than my argan or rose hip seed oil, but I think it'll be perfect for me during the warmer months when I don't need quite as much hydration.

I've been using acne-treatment products to target the breakouts I've had recently, so they're mostly gone, but the jojoba oil hasn't caused any new acne or clogged pores either, which is obviously important.

The Maple Holistics Jojoba Oil is only $8.47 too, and a bottle will last you quite a while, so it's pretty budget-friendly as well.

(Maple Holistics also has a pretty cool free samples program, so you can test out a product you're interested in before actually making an investment.)

All in all, I think the jojoba oil is a pretty great product and it's been a great addition to my skin care routine. I'm planning to pick up their evening primrose essential oil soon, because it's supposed to be good for dry, flaky skin and I tend to have a ton of that in the winter.

Have you tried the Maple Holistics Jojoba Oil? What's your favorite moisturizer/facial oil at the moment?

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