Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Product Review -- Profusion Mixed Metals Palette in Nude

I spend a lot of money on makeup, and I don't really have any qualms about doing so, but I still loving finding bargain.

There really isn't anything quite as exciting as good makeup at an affordable price, is there?

Well, in terms of makeup things anyway.

So I was intrigued when I spotted the Profusion Mixed Metals Palettes at Target near the holidays.

I've heard quite a bit about the Profusion brand over the years, but I'd never actually tried anything myself, so I figured it was as good a time as any to bite the bullet.

The palette is actually part of a kit that also includes a shadow primer, blending brush, and an eyeliner pencil, which I'm not sure is still available at Target, but you can still get it on the Profusion website.

Profusion Mixed Metals Palette Set
I decided to pick the palette up in Nude because it seemed like the one I'd get the most use out of, but it's also available in Amber, which is gorgeous, and Smoky, which is more than the usual black, gray, or brown tones that are usually associated with smoky eyes.

The palettes come in hard plastic compacts with a fun glittery exterior -- the Nude one is gold, the Amber one is rose gold, and the Smoky one is silver -- and feature a good-sized mirror on the inside.

The palette stays open by itself too, so it's ideal for going makeup on the go.

There are 9 shadows in the palette, in a mix of matte and metallic shades.

The shades include: Antique, a metallic pale gold; Mellow, a matte ivory; Pharaoh, a metallic yellow gold with copper undertones; Center Stage, a metallic light bronze; Heavenly, a matte light pinky tan; Rust, a matte reddish brown; Adventurous, a matte mid-tone brown; Devious, a matte rich brown; and Risky, a matte black-brown.

Profusion Mixed Metals Palette in Nude
While the color scheme of this palette isn't particularly exciting or unique, I've really been loving it.

It's perfect for everyday looks, but you can also go a little more dramatic.

It's really the quality of the shadows that impresses me, though -- the metallics are particularly impressive, with a really rich, smooth, creamy texture.

From l. to r.: Antique, Mellow, Pharaoh, Center Stage, Heavenly, Rust

From l. to r.: Adventurous, Devious, Risky
The mattes are nice too, though a couple, such as Adventurous, are slightly lacking in pigmentation. But they build up nicely, so it isn't really an issue.

All in all, when you consider that this palette is only $10, it's really a great value for the quality that you get.

The primer included seems nice enough too, and the blending brush works well for the crease. The eyeliner pencil is okay, though it's a bit too hard for my tastes.

I actually enjoy this palette enough that I'm considering picking up the other two as well.

Have you tried the Profusion Mixed Metals Palettes? Which one is your favorite? What other Profusion products are you a fan of?

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