Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Product Review -- Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer

I've mentioned it before, but I have somewhat contradictory skin care concerns.

As I've gotten older, my skin has transitioned from oily to more normal/dry. In colder months, it is often out and out dry, which means foundation can look cakey and patchy of I don't moisturize really well.

But because my skin was so oily when I was younger, I still have enlarged pores on my cheeks, and some foundations can settle in them and emphasize the texture big time, which isn't a very attractive look.

As much as I want to use a pore-filling primer, though, they are almost always designed for oily skin, so I don't feel like they're really compatible with my skin.

I can usually only use classic silicone-based pore-filling primers like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer on my cheeks and then I have to use a second hydrating primer on the rest of my face.

That's not really a big deal, but it would be nice if one primer could do all the things that I need it to.

Enter the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer.

The primer comes in a heavy glass bottle with a pump dispenser that allows you to get just the right amount.

Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer

Obviously, given its name, the primer's selling point is its ability to smooth and blur the look of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. It contains silicones like so many other pore-filling primers, so it does that job really well.

However, unlike most other pore-filling primers that I've tried -- which all seem fairly heavy and thick --No Poreblem has a lightweight consistency. Something about that seems to make the primer a little more hydrating than others too.

Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer
Don't get me wrong -- I still need to apply a good moisturizer under it, but it helps smooth dry patches just enough that foundation can glide over them without clinging to them.

Because of that and the fact that my pore are smoothed too, my foundation goes on as flawlessly as it possibly can.

So it's probably not a surprise when I say that I think this is my new favorite primer.

Now, they will probably times this winter when the weather's especially cold and my skin gets crazy dry that I'll need to switch to my It Cosmetics Feel The Moment Anti-Aging Hydrating Primer Serum, which is incredibly moisturizing, but the rest of the time, No Poreblem will be my go-to primer.

(It actually reminds me quite a bit of the discontinued Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer, which was my HG primer for years.)

You can purchase the primer at Sephora for $18.

Have you tried the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer? Are you a fan? What's your favorite primer at the moment?

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