Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Product Review -- Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit The Needs and The Wants Palettes

I've bought quite a few makeup products that were collaborations between a brand and a YouTube beauty influenster but in most of those cases, I only bought the items because the specific shades or products appealed to me, not because I had much invested in the influenster in particular.

When I heard that Emily Noel was coming out with some palettes with Makeup Revolution, though, I knew that I'd buy them no matter what they looked like.

I've been watching Emily for 10 (maybe more even) years, and I appreciate pretty much everything about her. Supporting her is a no-brainer.

It doesn't hurt that I've become a big fan of Makeup Revolution over the past few years too -- they put out a lot of really quality products at an affordable price point, so there's plenty to like about the brand.
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