Friday, August 10, 2012

The Balm Triple Play Friday - 3 Lipsticks for the Price of 1!

The Balm strikes again with another awesome deal!

Today, you can 3 of their Read My Lips Lipsticks for the price of 1 - $17 plus shipping.

You don't actually get to choose the specific shades, though - they have two options to choose from (both of which look beautiful to me!).

Now, I haven't tried this formulation of their lipsticks, so I can't vouch for it specifically but I do own a couple of their Balm Girls lipsticks and I really like those - I would expect the Read My Lips Lipsticks to be just as good. 

I'm debating whether I should take advantage of this deal or not - I need more lipstick like I need a hole in the head (I actually have a couple of new ones to share next week) but it's just such a good deal.

And Option 2 with the red, bronze plum and nude shades is totally calling my name...

If you take advantage of this great deal, leave a note below and let me know which shades you got.

Happy Shopping!

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