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QVC Bare Escentuals Return to Radiance TSV AD Shipment #2

BE Return to Radiance AD #2

Back in March, I ordered QVC's BE Return to Radiance TSV, and because I'm a glutton when it comes to makeup, I signed up for auto-delivery. 

The second shipment arrived last Friday, and I am absolutely in love with it.

As far as which shipment I like better, the first or second, I'd have to say it's a draw - but that's really saying something because the first collection included a peachy-pink blush and peachy coral lip gloss and you know how nuts I am about any and all things peach.

This collection is just so pretty though.

Like the first kit, it comes with a full-size of the Original SPF15 Foundation (I got Fair, of course) and SPF20 Concealer (I got Bisque - the shade corresponds to the foundation shade that you chose).

BE SPF20 Concealer in Bisque & Original SPF15 Foundation in Fair
To be honest, I sort of have a stockpile of both products, but these kits are such a good value that I don't mind having back-ups.  I wore the BE foundation by itself for years and really loved it, but since my skin has gotten drier, I prefer a liquid or cream formula.  Still, I often use mineral foundations as finishing powder over a liquid foundation when I need a little more coverage - BE works really well for that.

I don't use the Bisque concealer on its own, but it is is perfect for setting a cream or liquid concealer while providing additional coverage.

The second kit also comes with two brushes - the full coverage kabuki brush and the blush brush.

BE Full Coverage Kabuki & Blush Brush
I have a ton of BE brushes, but it's always good to have a few back-ups for travel.

There is another bottle of the Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer in the second kit too.

BE Prime Time Neturalizing Foundation Primer
I really like this primer - it's a pretty dark yellow color when it comes out of the pump, but it blends into the skin really easily.  It doesn't have a silicone-y feel either - it's much more liquid-y, which I prefer because I feel like it's more moisturizing on the skin.  And it does a pretty good job getting ready of redness just as advertised so I often grab for it when I've got breakouts or my skin is just a little red.

The whole reason I bought the first kit was the Ready Blush - I've been seriously impressed with all of BE's pressed products (I've pre-ordered the new foundation ... can't wait to get that!) and the blushes certainly don't disappoint.  The second installment feature the Ready Blush in The French Kiss.

BE Ready Blush in The French Kiss

BE Ready Blush in The French Kiss swatch
BE describes The French Kiss as a watermelon pink, and I think that's pretty accurate - it's a cool, bright pink.  Like the other Ready blushes I've tried, it's extremely pigmented, so you need to use a light hand - the first time I applied it, I put on way too much because I wasn't really paying attention.

But what's funny is that I look at it in the pan and it's so bright and bold, but when I blend it into the skin, it looks so pretty and natural.  It's really strange, but there's something so fresh about the way it looks on the skin.

I seriously love it.

You can buy The French Kiss on its own anywhere you can get BE products.

The kit also contains a Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Hot Shot.

BE Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Hot Shot

BE Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Hot Shot swatch
 BE describes Hot Shot as a Flamingo Pink, and it is definitely a bold, bright pink.  However, it's sheer so it doesn't look too crazy on the lips.  It coordinates beautifully with the Ready Blush in The French Kiss.

I've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating - I know some folks don't like the scent of these Moxie glosses.  I'd call it a cross between cinnamon and mint, if that makes any sense. I don't mind it, but I know some people are highly sensitive to scents.

You can also purchase Hot Shot on its own anywhere you can find BE products. 

Finally, the second installment of Return to Radiance includes a Primer Time Primer Shadow in Cameo Pink.

This may be my favorite product in the entire kit, which is saying something because I LOVE the blush.

BE Prime Time Primer Shadow in Cameo Pink

BE Prime Time Primer Shadow in Cameo Pink swatch
BE refers to Cameo Pink as a pink coral, but I see it more as a bronzey/copper rose color.  It is stunning, and looks especially beautiful with blue eyes (I bet it would look killer with green too!).  I've worn it on its own and it's super pigmented and lasts all day (though I did put a Tarte's Amazonian Clay Eye Base underneath, more out of habit than anything else).

I wore the blush, gloss and primer shadow together today, and while they all work together well enough, the blush and gloss are definitely cool toned while the primer shadow is more of a warm pink.  I'll probably wear the primer shadow with a different blush and gloss in the future.

Come to think of it, I bet it would look great with The Natural High Ready Blush and Rock Star Moxie Lipgloss from the first kit... I'll have to try that out.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this second installment.  There's a third and final kit later at the end of the year, I think, and I'm super excited to get that one too.

What new beauty purchases are you excited about?

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