Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Balm Schwing Liquid Liner

The Balm knocks another one out of the park with its packaging.

I've mentioned before that I am seriously eyeliner challenged.

For as many years as I've been putting on makeup and as many times as I've lined my eyes, I am still hopelessly spastic... and sloppy.  Recently, I discovered that putting my liner on after my mascara helps quite a bit, but on the whole, it's definitely not my strong suit. 

And liquid liner is definitely the worst.

Which stinks because I absolutely adore the way it looks and am always envying folks who can pull off flawless winged liner. 

I want to be one of those people!

When the Balm was last on Haute Look, I decided to pick up Schwing, their black liquid liner - mainly because I love the Balm and want to try every single product that they make, but also because I keep hoping that one day I'm going to find that one special liquid liner that turns me into an eyelining pro.

The Balm Schwing Black Liquid Liner

Now, after trying Schwing, I can say that while it isn't that magic liner, it comes pretty close.

The best thing about it is its applicator.  It's a felt tip - which is really the only kind of liquid eyeliner that I will even attempt to use. I'm hopeless with the little brush style applicators - but it has just the right amount of give to make applying a smooth, even line super easy. 

The Balm Schwing's applicator
While it's flexible, the felt tip has enough resistance to keep the liner from skipping all over the place.  I've applied the liner about five times and each time I've managed a pretty much flawless line.

For me, that's got to be a record.

The liner itself is a deep dark black that has a slightly glossy finish. 

The Balm Schwing Liquid Liner swatches  

The problem is in the formula.  Schwing just doesn't seem to set as well as other liquid liners that I've tried.  While it doesn't flake, it can actually start to smear or run after wearing it for several hours.  I've never really had that issue with a liquid liner before - usually once it dries, it's pretty much locked in place (though some flaking might occur.)

Now, personally, I don't wear liquid liner that often so I'm willing to deal with a less than stellar formula if the applicator is good enough to turn me into a liner pro.  But if you are not liner challenged like me and actually wear liquid liner on a regular basis, I think you can probably find a better formula than this one.

Actually, I'm sure you can.  Try Smashbox's Limitless Waterproof Liquid Liner Pen or Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

However, once again, the Balm gets serious points for its packaging.  As a baseball fan, this may be my favorite artwork of theirs yet.

What's your favorite liquid eyeliner?  Any tips or tricks for applying it effortlessly?


  1. HI! TheBalm is on Hautelook and I wanted to know what was the wear time on this eyeliner?

    Great swatches!!

    1. I usually get 10-12 hours of wear out of it without any fading or flaking - and keep in mind that I'm always rubbing my eyes, so it might last even longer if you don't have that annoying habit. LOL

      Seriously, I am a big fan of this liner - it's the easiest liquid liner to apply that I've ever found, hands down.


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