Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Balm Shady Lady Palette Vol. 3

We've reached the final installment of the Balm Shady Lady Palette swatch-aganza.

Today, we're covering Vol. 3, a really interesting collection of colors.

The Balm Shady Lady Palette Vol. 3
Like Vol. 1 & 2, Vol. 3 includes nine shadows: Lusty Lee, a light silvery blue; Envious Erin, a shimmery cream; Racy Lacy, a warm coppery-brown; Safe Bet Anette, a frosty light pink; Runaround Rebecca, a cool sage green; Come Hither Heather, a shimmer grayed-purple; Open to Offers Olwen, a stunning turquoise; All the Way Annie, a bright mid-tone purple with silver glitter; and Guilty Gwen, a black with silver glitter.

The Balm Shady Lady Palette Vol. 3 swatches
FYI - all of the swatches are on bare skin without primer.

From l. to r.: Lusty Lee, Envious Erin & Racy Lacy

From l. to r.: Safe Bet Annette, Runaround Rebecca & Come Hither Heather

From l. to r.: Open to Offers Olwen, All the Way Annie & Guilty Gwen
Like all of the Shady Lady Palettes, the formula of these shadows is lovely - smooth, creamy and easy to blend.

On the whole, Vol. 3 offers some pretty light shades that have cool undertones.  There are some fun brights like Open to Offers Olwen & All the Way Annie, but I think all of the colors in this palette are totally wearable. 

I will say that Racy Lacy, while one of my favorite shadows in the palette, doesn't seem to fit with the others since it's so warm toned.  I haven't been able to figure out a combination with it from the palette, though I have made it work with shadows from the other Shady Lady Palettes (it also works well with some of the Nude'Tude shades). 

The one shade that is slightly disappointing in Vol. 3 is Guilty Gwen.  It isn't as pigmented as the other shadows and the glitter is kind of chunky.  I still like it for darkening up the outer corner or as a liner, though.

My favorite shadows from Vol. 3 are Racy Lacy, Runaround Rebecca, Come Hither Heather, Open to Offers Olwen and All the Way Annie.  I really like Envious Erin as a highlight color too (Tempting Tara from Vol. 2 is pretty for the inner corner but it's such a stark white that I find it a little too much for under the brow.  Envious Erin is much softer.) and Lusty Lee is really pretty for brightening the center of the lid.

Like Vol. 1 & 2, I highly recommend Shady Lady Vol. 3.  I supposed you don't need *all* of these palettes, but if the Balm does another Triple Play Friday 3 for 1 offer, it's really a sin not to take advantage since they all work well together and the shadows are so easy to use. 

If you've tried the Shady Lady Palettes, which one is your favorite?  (I mentioned last week that mine is Vol. 2)

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