Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oldie but Goodie - NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia

NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia

Several years back, I went on a crazy spree and bought about 20 of the NYX Round Lipsticks over a two or three month period.

I don't blame myself at all - the formula is nice - lightweight and slightly moisturizing - and they come in a wide array of colors and they're relatively inexpensive (even more so when I bought them - I swear I got them for like $2 a pop back then) so they're a good way to build your lipstick wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Since I wasn't spending too much on them, I was much more daring with color selections too, which was fun.

I still wear them today, though sometimes I forget how pretty some of the colors are.

Exhibit one - the Round Lipstick in Thalia.

NYX Thalia Lipstick

Now, I usually wear peachy or pinky nude type lip colors, so Thalia, which isn't outrageous by any stretch of the imagination, is somewhat out of my comfort zone. It's a pretty midtone mauve-y/rose shade that gives me a more sophisticated look than my most of my regular lip colors.  I wore it out with friends the other day and felt like it really gave my makeup a polished look.

 I even got a few unsolicited compliments, which are always a good thing.

I will say that if you're super fair like I am, Thalia can look a little dark (and sometimes purple-ly, oddly enough) so you may need to blot it.  I actually apply it as I would any lipstick and then use my finger to rub it into the lips a bit so the color is diffused slightly.  On medium and dark skin, I think it would be beautiful straight out of the tube.

NYX Thalia Round Lipstick swatch
If you've never tried NYX lipsticks, I should mention that they have a slightly odd scent.  Maybe old lady-ish.  It doesn't bother me, but if you're sensitive to fragrances, you may have an issue with.

What's your signature lipstick color?


  1. Ive never tried a nyx lipstick, but they always look so great! i might go for a lighter shade than this though, any suggestions?:)

    1. Summer Love is similar to Thalia in that it's a rosy pink with slight mauve undertones but it is at least two shades lighter. If you're looking for a peachy light shade, Iris is my favorite - though it is somewhat frosty, so if you're not a fan of that look, you may not like it. Hope that helps! :)


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