Friday, September 11, 2015

Product Review -- NYX Wonder Pencil

I am a big fan of using a nude eyeliner pencil to line the waterline.

It really does make your eyes look a little brighter and wider, so any day when I'm looking tired, it's kind of a must-do step in my makeup routine.

But I do run into a problem sometimes -- nude eyeliners tend to be a little too dark or peachy for my fair skin so they don't quite have the effect that I want.

Now, you can use white liner for a similar effect but I find that it's kind of a stark, obvious look that I don't necessarily want for an everyday look.

Fortunately, I came across the NYX Wonder Pencil on a recent trip to Ulta, and it's the perfect solution to my dilemma.

NYX markets the pencil as a multi-use product: an eye brightener, a concealer, and a reverse lipliner.

But the best thing is that it comes in three shades -- light, medium, and deep.

As an eye brightener, I think the product is pretty perfect. It's matte so there's no annoying sparkles to get in your eye, it smooths along the waterline easily, and it lasts a good long while without migrating to the corner of your eye.

The three shades also seem sufficient if you're using it in that way.

NYX Wonder Pencil in Light

NYX Wonder Pencil in Light
For concealing and reverse liplining, though, the shade really needs to match your skin tone exactly so if the available colors don't work for you, you're not going to be able to use it that way.

The light shade is very light so it's a good match for my fair skin. I've tried it as a concealer and it works okay for that, but I feel like the point is so small that unless the blemish or discoloration you're trying to conceal is also small, you'll be spending a lot of time concealing. The formula is somewhat dry too, so it's a little bit tricky to blend.

It does work well for reverse liplining, though, and it's also a good product if you like to use concealer around your brows to help sharpen up their look -- provided one of the three shades matches your skin, of course.

If you have fair skin and have had a tough time finding a nude liner for your waterline, the light shade is definitely one to try.

Best of all, it retails for only about $4.50

You can find it on the NYX website, Ulta, and most places you can purchase NYX products.

Have you tried the NYX Wonder Pencil? What's your favorite nude liner for the waterline?


  1. Somehow you must have known that my favourite discontinued waterline nude is almost at its end! Thanks for the recommendation - that one immediately went into my shopping basket. Although the price stings a bit when you write that it´s $4.50, when it`s 6€ over here. It`s so weird that affordable American cosmetics are sold to a much higher price here.

    1. :D I'm glad the review was timely for you!

      And you're right -- it's strange about the difference in price between American drugstore products here and over in Europe. I still think the NYX Wonder Pencil is a good buy at that price, though, so if you can find it, it's definitely a good option.


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