Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Makeup 911 -- How Do You Use Hot Pink/Magenta Eye Shadow?

As anyone reading this blog can attest, I am a bonafide makeup junkie.

I spend a ton of time playing with makeup and reading about it and yeah, buying it, so I definitely know my way around an eye shadow palette or a tube of lipstick.

But just because I'm a makeup enthusiast (sounds better than fanatic, doesn't it?), that doesn't mean that I know everything about the topic.

In fact, there are plenty of things that I'm kind of clueless about when it comes to makeup.

So I thought it might be fun -- and helpful -- to do a series of posts where I pose some of my makeup questions to you guys and see if you can offer up any tips, tricks, or suggestions.  

(And if you have a makeup topic that you're struggling with, feel free to leave a comment or email me with it and I would be happy to use it for one of these posts -- because if I can't help you, I'm sure someone else reading this blog can.)

My first dilemma is hot pink or magenta eye shadow.

I have several palettes that include bright pink shades, which are gorgeous and I'm totally drawn to.

Some of the hot pink/magenta shades in question -- Sigma Redberry Rose, Too Faced Totally Fetch, Sephora Little Mermaid Sha-la-la, Urban Decay Junkshow

The problem is that I have no idea how to use them in a way that's wearable with my skin tone. 

I'm super pale so they're going to make a seriously bold statement on me, and I really don't want to wind up looking sick. 

So... what's your favorite way to wear hot pink eye shadow without it making your eyes look totally bloodshot and infected?  


  1. I´m wondering how to pull off shades like that too - I´ve tried it, took pictures and found it pretty unfitting. One thing I can imagine being the culprit here is the eyecolour though rather than the skin tone. I think I could wear hot pink if only my eyes were brown rather than blue... but it´s just a guess really. xD

    1. You may be onto something because my eyes are blue as well. I can wear light pinks and rose shades without much problem, but these bright shades are just so tricky. :P

  2. I haven't tried it yet because I haven't had the chance, but I want to try this sort of shade in my crease with some serious blending. What made me think of it was my first Makeup Geek order. I was looking for shadows that I didn't have a million of already but would actually wear, and I saw so many good things about Cupcake as a crease color. I was really skeptical, but I ordered it anyway. It's actually really nice as a crease color. Who would have thought that I would like a pink crease. Granted, Cupcake is much more subtle than these really bright pinks, but I think the concept might still work. I'm imagining it with taupe shades on the lid (think back to the Rollergirl palette from UD with Verve, Suspect, and Woodstock).

    1. That's a good idea... I'll give that a try. I have a duo-fiber crease brush that's really good at diffusing and softening colors, so I bet that'll work well with these shades.

      And I've been eyeing Cupcake for a while now, and you've totally convinced me that I definitely "need" now ;)


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