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Product 411 -- ColourPop Summer Collection Bronzers,Super Shock Cheeks, Super Shock Shadows, and Lippie Stix

If I wasn't a total makeup glutton, Mondays in Malibu and Sundays in Silverlake, the two sets that I picked up from ColourPop's Summer Collection and talked about here, would be more than enough to get me ready for the warm weather ahead.

But I'm greedy and there were just too many pretty individual items in the rest of ColourPop's Summer Collection that I couldn't resist picking up a ton  few more things.

So I thought I'd do a quick rundown of the shades I picked up in case you're trying to decide what to buy. I'll do a mini-review on the bronzers, though, because those are new products (though the formula is the same as the blushes and highlighters so you can probably decide if you'd like them or not).

From l. to r.: Bon Voyage, Paradise Cove, Get Leid, Jelly Fish

From l. to r.: Bon Voyage, Paradise Cove, Get Leid, Jelly Fish

From l. to r.: Bon Voyage, Paradise Cove, Get Leid, Jelly Fish
There are six bronzers and two blushes in the Summer Collection, which have the same texture as all the Super Shock products.

I purchased two of the bronzers: Bon Voyage, a soft tan with a matte finish recommended for fair/light skin tones; and Paradise Cove, a golden tan with a satin finish recommended for light/medium skin tones.

Both shades are quite nice -- there's no real orange in them, which is always a problem for me with bronzers. Bon Voyage is definitely light, so if you have fair skin, it's a bronzer that's pretty easy to work with. Paradise Cove is darker, but I can still wear it if I blend it out well.  I love its satin finish too, which adds a subtle glow to the cheeks.

Because of their creamy texture, the bronzers blend very easily and have such a lovely, natural look on the skin. Like the Super Shock Cheek Blushes and Highlights, they last a good five or six hours on my skin without fading too, which is kind of miracle because my pores seem to eat up makeup.

If you've had trouble finding bronzer that works for you, I'd definitely recommend giving these a try.

They're $8 each and contain 4.2 grams of product.

I picked up both blushes from the collection: Get Leid, a bright warm peach with a matte finish, and Jelly Fish, a bright red coral with a pearlized finish.

Get Leid is a lovely warm, summery blush, but if you were only going to get one item from this collection out of everything, I would have to recommend Jelly Fish.

It is just a stunning color and its pearlized finish gives the skin such a gorgeous, subtle glow. Even with my fair skin, it looks lovely, but I imagine it would be really pretty with tan and darker skin tones too.

Seriously, I think it's a must-have.

There are six Super Shock Shadows in the Summer Collection, and I couldn't choose between them so I picked up all of them.

(I'm a glutton, remember.)

They include High Tide, a pale champagne gold with a pearlized finish; Plunge, a light warm beige with a golden sheen and pearlized finish; Nillionaire, a warm bronze with gold and multi-colored glitter and a metallic finish; Flipper, a light tangerine with silver and pink glitter and a metallic finish; Shark Attack, a mid-tone coppery coral with gold duo chrome and a pearlized finish; and Coconut, a bright peacock teal with a pearlized finish.

ColourPop Summer Collection Super Shock Shadows

Top row (l. to. r.): High Tide, Plunge, Nillionaire; Bottom row (l. to r.): Flipper, Shark Attack, Coconut

From l. to r.: High Tide, Plunge, Nillionaire, Flipper, Shark Attack, Coconut

My personal favorite shades are Flipper and Shark Attack because you know I love peachy/coppery/coral-y shadows, but Coconut is probably the most impressive of the bunch so if you're a fan of bold colors, I would definitely recommend that one. I've used it mainly as a liner -- it's gorgeous for adding that subtle pop of color to a look.

You can't go wrong with any of these shades, though. I'm kind of obsessed with all of them.

Finally, I picked up three of the five Lippie Stix from the Summer Collection: Polliwog, a cool toned nude beige with a cream finish; Fiesta, a bright peachy pink with a cream finish; and Topanga, a mid-tone dusty coral with a satin finish.
ColourPop Summer Collection Lippie Stix

From l. to r.: Polliwog, Fiesta, Topanga

From l. to r.: Polliwog, Fiesta, Topanga

I love both Fiesta and Topanga, especially for summer. Polliwog is a little tricky for me to wear because it comes off as pretty brown on my lips. I have to add a pink or peach gloss on top to really make it wearable.

As far as I'm concerned, this collection is a real winner -- ColourPop's outstanding formulas paired with really pretty, perfect-for-summer shades.

Like all the shadows and lipsticks in the regular line, these products all retail for $5 each. The blushes are $8 each.

Have you tried the ColourPop Summer Collection? Which items are your favorites?

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