Saturday, May 30, 2015

Product 411 -- ColourPop Mondays in Malibu Super Shock Shadow Collection and Sundays in Silverlake Lippie Stix Collection

ColourPop is on a serious roll lately.

Though I guess that's not entirely accurate -- because they seem to have been on a roll from the very start. Pretty much every product that I've tried from them has been fantastic.

Still, their summer collection had me swooning the very first second I saw it because the colors are just to die for.

Which is why I purchased way more from the collection that I should have.

I just couldn't resist.

If you're trying to be good, though, I definitely recommend the two sets from the collection -- Mondays in Malibu, a set of six Super Shock Shadows, and Sundays in Silverlake, a set of six Lippie Stix.

Each set retails for $30, which is the same price you'd pay if you bought six shadows or lip products from the line individually.

I'm not going to do a complete review because I've already reviewed both products here and here, but I thought I'd do a rundown of the shades in case you're trying to decide which items to pick up.

Mondays in Malibu contains six Super Shock Shadows in a variety of finishes.

They include Gecko, an opalescent silvery green with pink duochrome (pearlized), Snakebite, a midtone warm gold (ultra-metallic), Sand Swoon, a pale pink with gold flecks (satin luxe), Prickly Pear, a warm plum with gold and pink glitter (metallic), Mirage, a light sage green with gold and pink flashes (pearlized), and Hot Tamale, a reddish brown with copper glitter (satin luxe).

ColourPop Mondays in Malibu

Top row (l. to r.): Gecko, Snakebite, Sand Swoon; Bottom row (l. to r): Prickly Pear, Mirage , Hot Tamale

From l. to r.: Gecko, Snake Bite, Sand Swoon, Prickly Pear, Mirage, Hot Tamale

 These colors are right up my alley, and the warm and bronze-y tones are perfect for summer. They're also unique enough that you might not have them in your collection already.

It's difficult to pick a favorite, but I'm kind of obsessed with Prickly Pear and Hot Tamale. They're all lovely, though, and would work on a variety of skin tones.

If you get tan in the summer, I think these would be especially gorgeous.

Sundays in Silverlake contains six Lippie Stix in a variety of finishes.

They include Ace, a light warm pink nude (cream), Parker, a mid-tone brown-y nude (matte), Chella, a mid-tone peachy coral (cream), Thirsty, a cool berry pink (satin), Pasties, a bright cool magenta (hyper glossy), and Cougar, a bright pinky red (matte).

ColourPop Sundays in Silverlake

From l. to r.: Parker, Ace, Chella, Thirsty, Pasties, Cougar

From l. to r.: Parker, Ace, Chella, Thirsty, Pasties, Cougar
ColourPop has put together a great collection of shades -- you get a couple of nudes, a nice peachy coral, some bright pinks, and even a red.

Ace is my favorite because I'm obsessed with nude lips and this is a really wearable shade, but I can wear all of the shades in the set -- which is saying something because I'm always a little self-conscious when it comes to wearing bright lipstick shades. I don't know what it is about them, but the bright shades are all vivid without being too in your face.

Like the shadows, I think they would work for a variety of skin tones too.

I definitely recommend both sets -- I personally couldn't choose between them, so it really comes down to whether you prefer eye shadows or lipsticks.

You can't go wrong with either collection.

Have you purchased ColourPop's Mondays in Malibu or Sundays in Silverlake? Which shades are your favorites?


  1. Colourpop definitely has amazing designs for their collections. Just the packaging is actually enough reason to buy. Personally I find gecko really pretty. :3

    1. I absolutely love the packaging! Which means I may have saved the boxes, something I usually don't do... ;) I love Gecko myself -- it's a perfect lid shade.


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