Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review -- NYX Prismatic Shadows

I love sparkle and shimmer and metallic-y goodness.

I'll be 95 years old and still rocking totally sparkly, shimmery eye shadows, I swear.

So it's no surprise that I was drawn to NYX's Prismatic Shadows.

NYX describes these as eye shadows with a metallic finish that give eyes an extra sparkle and dimension.

Sounds pretty perfect, right?

And because they look so amazing, I kind of wanted to pick every shade (there are 12 in total), but I showed so uncharacteristic restraint and only picked up two, Girl Talk and Golden Peach.

The eye shadows come in small plastic compacts that contain 1.24 grams of product. The lid is a silver metallic color, while the bottom is black -- and like a lot of recent NYX products, the little latch that closes the packaging features an adorable little bow.

Girl Talk is an opalescent pale pink, while Golden Peach is soft peach with gold shimmer.

NYX Prismatic Shadows in Golden Peach (l.) & Girl Talk (r.)

NYX Prismatic Shadows in Golden Peach (l.) & Girl Talk (r.)
The shadows are nicely pigmented and have a very pretty metallic finish. With a primer, they last a good, long while on the eyes too -- about 10 to 12 hours, I'd say.

Girl Talk is lovely as an inner corner highlight or even under the brow bone if you want a little more shine there, and it looks pretty on the lid as well. I adore Golden Peach all over the lid -- it makes blue eyes pop like nobody's business.

The Prismatic Shadows actually remind me somewhat of the Makeup Geek (MUG) Foiled Shadows, though the MUG are more pigmented and have a creamier texture. But the NYX shadows are only $6 each, while the MUG shadows are $9.99, and you can also find the NYX shadows in stores so they're probably easier to get.

I picked them up at Ulta during a BOGO-half off sale so I got an even better deal.

I definitely see more of these shadows in my future. Fireball in particular is calling my name.

Have you tried the NYX Prismatic Shadows? Which shade is your favorite?

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