Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review -- The Balm Balm Voyage Vol. II Palette

I'm a sucker for pretty much every palette that The Balm puts out.

The packaging is just always too adorable and I've developed something of a collection over the years so I can never let one pass me by.

The good news is that the products in the palettes are always top-notch too, so I never regret picking them up.

The Balm Voyage Vol. II Palette is no exception.

It is smaller than the original Balm Voyage Palette, but it contains a greater variety of products so it might be a more complete palette in that regard.

Like the original, though, it features adorable vintage travel artwork on the cover of the sturdy cardboard packaging so it's definitely one of those products that you wouldn't mind displaying. There's also a small mirror on the inside for touch-ups and a little chart at the bottom with suggested look ideas.

Some of The Balm Balm Voyage Vol. II Palette's adorable artwork

Inside, there are nine eye shadows: Welcome,a matte cream; Bienvenue, a shimmery gold; Bienvenido, a shimmery sage; Benevenuto, a shimmery mauve-y pink; Tervetuloa, a matte warm brown; Welkom, a shimmery dark teal; Willkommen, a shimmery golden brown; Valkommen, a dark brown with gold shimmer; and Failte, a black with gold shimmer.

There is also a highlighter (Kuwakaribisha, a shimmery pale gold that's very similar to Mary Lou Manizer), a bronzer (Croeso, a matte mid-tone brown with no orange undertones), two powder blushes (Huan Ying, a matte peachy pink that's similar to Frat Boy but a bit darker; and Dobrodosli, a matte berry that's similar to Cabana Boy but a bit lighter), and two cream lip/cheek colors (Bem-Vindo, a rosy red; and Vitajte, a warm peach)

The Balm Balm Voyage Vol. II Palette

From l. to r.: Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido

From l. to r.: Benevenuto, Tervetuloa, Welkom

From l. to r.: Wilkommen, Valkommen, Failte

From l. to r.: Kuwakaribisha, Croeso, Huan Ying, Dobrodosli

From l. to r.: Bem-Vindo and Vitajte
I find The Balm's shadows to be really nice -- smooth, creamy, and well-pigmented. The ones in the Balm Voyage 2 are no exception. The shade range is quite lovely too -- Bienvenue, Benevenuto, and Welkom are real standouts -- though I do feel like the palette would benefit from having a couple more matte shades and some lighter tones for the lid or brow bone.

The face products in the palette are quite nice too. As I mentioned above, the highlighter is similar to Mary Lou Manizer, which is one of my go-to highlighters for sure, so it's a solid addition to the palette.

The bronzer is a bit too dark for my fair skin, but I love the tone -- there's no orange in it at all. If I use a fluffy brush and blend out really well, I can pull it off in the warm weather.

I really like both blush shades as well, and appreciate that they included a warm and a cool shade so you always have an option no matter what eye look you're going for. The lip/cheek creams are both pretty shades too and I love them as cream blushes.  I'm not a fan of them on the lips, though, because I find them to be a little bit drying.

All in all, I think this palette is a great value for $39.50.

You can purchase it at The Balm's website.

What do you think of The Balm Balm Voyage Vol. II Palette? Which product/shade interests you the most?


  1. Bienvenue is so gorgeous!! *__* I think the best thing about this palette is, that the balm chose very different colours with the blushes and the lip products. That really was the only thing that bugged me a bit in the first version.

    1. Yes, I love Bienvenue too. :) I agree about the blush and lip product colors. I think this palette feels a bit more complete than the first one in that regard, so I feel like it's a good one to travel with.

  2. I don't NEED this...I don't NEED this...I don't NEED

    1. lol. I totally hear you! I have this terrible compulsion that makes me think I need every new product as soon as it comes out. Lately, I've been making myself wait a month and if I still want it at the end of those 30 days, I buy it. It's actually stopped me from buying quite a few things. Not enough, really, but some. :P


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