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Product Review -- Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit The Needs and The Wants Palettes

I've bought quite a few makeup products that were collaborations between a brand and a YouTube beauty influenster but in most of those cases, I only bought the items because the specific shades or products appealed to me, not because I had much invested in the influenster in particular.

When I heard that Emily Noel was coming out with some palettes with Makeup Revolution, though, I knew that I'd buy them no matter what they looked like.

I've been watching Emily for 10 (maybe more even) years, and I appreciate pretty much everything about her. Supporting her is a no-brainer.

It doesn't hurt that I've become a big fan of Makeup Revolution over the past few years too -- they put out a lot of really quality products at an affordable price point, so there's plenty to like about the brand.

The Emily Edit The Needs Palette is meant to be an all-in-one palette that features all the products you need to do a full face. It comes in a light pink hard plastic compact with an extremely generously sized mirror on the inside -- it's an ideal palette for travel because of its compact size, products included, and the mirror actually.

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit The Needs 
Inside, you get four face products and six eyeshadows. The shades include: Courage, a matte medium brown bronzer; Joy, a peachy pink matte blush; Gratitude, a cream highlight with a satin finish; Kindness, a cream translucent powder with matte finish; Honesty, a satin terracotta; Passion, a dark brown with red shimmer; Peace, a matte peachy nude; Faith, a matte warm brown; and Love, a matte cream.

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit The Needs 

From r. to l.: Honesty, Passion, Peace, Faith, Hope, & Love

From l. to r.: Courage, Joy, Gratitude, & Kindness
This is definitely a handy all in one palette. The face products are all quite nice -- Courage, the bronzer, is a little dark for my super fair skin so I need to use a very light hand, but Joy is a very flattering blush shade for a range of skin tones and Gratitude is a very pretty natural highlight (if you like a bold, in-your-face highlight, you'll probably find this a little disappointing).

I use Kindness the way that Emily suggests -- as a powder to set my under eye concealer -- and it works well for that on my fair skin.

The shadows are all nice, if not terribly exciting. They have a good amount of pigment and blend and apply easily. They're all pretty natural shades, but I think for a basic palette that's designed for everyday use, that's probably for the best.

But you can still do a variety of looks with it -- from soft and subtle to bold and smoky -- so it's versatile in that sense.

All in all, I think it's an ideal palette for travel (It's the only color makeup products I plan to take when I go away for the weekend in a couple of weeks) and a great option if you want an easy palette for every day that you don't need to think too much about.

If I'm honest, though, it's The Emily Edit The Wants Palette that I'm most excited about.

It is a large eyeshadow palette with 24 shades that comes in a peach-colored hard plastic compact. The mirror inside is absolutely massive, so it's ideal for even doing your makeup at home every day.

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit The Wants
The shades in the palette include: The Cream, a matte white cream; Hobby, a matte light brown; Prayer, a matte sepia brown; Grateful, a shimmery light lime green; Good Vibes, a shimmery copper; Side Hustle, a shimmer khaki with gold shift; Midwest, a matte light tan; Dues Paid, a matte muted brick; Eve Rose, a satin pale pink with gold shift; Belle Violet, a shimmery lavender, Capricorn, a satin mocha brown; Pi Phi, a matte plum; Oh Heavens!, a satin beige cream; Love Tons, a matte red plum; Pizzazz, a shimmery light red purple; Family, a matte dark purple; Top Story, a shimmery gold; Apartment, a matte deep brown; Cupcake, a satin peach; Laughcry, a matte muted orange; Cheer, a matte maroon; Heartbeat, a shimmery wine; Corduroy, a matte deep forest green; and Dark & Early, a matte black.

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit The Wants

From l. to r.: The Cream, Hobby, Prayer, Grateful, Good Vibes, Side Hustle

From l. to r.: Midwest, Dues Paid, Eve Rose, Belle Violet, Capricorn, Pi Phi

From l. to r.: Oh Heavens!, Love Tons, Pizzazz, Family, Top Story, Apartment

From l. to r.: Cupcake, Laughcry, Cheer, Heartbeat, Corduroy, Dark & Early

I absolutely love the color selection for this palette. There are enough natural or neutral shades to put together simple everyday looks, but there are so many fun, bolder shades to really inspire some creativity with your eye looks.

(I feel like it's a really fantastic representation of Emily's aesthetic too, so kudos to her for that)

The shadows all perform well -- they're nicely pigmented without being too difficult to apply and very easy to blend. I've loved pretty much every look I've done with this palette, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface in terms of the looks I can do with it, which is fun.

I really do feel like it's inspired me to be a little more creative with my eye makeup, and I look forward to playing with it more.

The Needs Palette retails for $15, while the Wants Palette retails for $20.

You can find the palettes on both the main Makeup Revolution website and the U.S. version, as well as at Ulta.

I definitely recommend both palettes, particularly if you're a fan of Emily's.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution the Emily Edit The Needs and The Wants Palettes? Which one is your favorite?

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