Thursday, October 18, 2018

Product Review -- Makeup Revolution Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

I've been on kind of Makeup Revolution (or is it just Revolution now? Have they officially changed their name? I'm a little confused...) shopping spree lately.

I love brands that offer quality products at affordable prices, so it's kind of hard to control myself.

So even though the last thing I need is another foundation, I couldn't resist trying out the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops.

It's meant to be more of a natural, breathable foundation, so if you're a fan of full coverage makeup, this may not be the best option for you.

The foundation comes in a glass bottle with medicine dropper dispenser. You get a little less than an ounce of product, which seems to be common with these types of foundations.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops
While the foundation is lightweight and water-based, it's not as liquidy as some foundations that come with a dropper dispenser. It has a slightly thicker, creamier texture, though it definitely looks and feels lightweight on the skin.

Because of the texture, I find that it applies best with a brush. You can use a damp sponge too, but I find that it lightens the coverage a bit.

In general, I'd say the coverage is pretty light, but it is buildable enough that you can achieve medium coverage. The finish on the skin is lovely -- very natural with a subtle glow that makes it a perfect fit for normal to dry skin. Oily skin can still wear this foundation, I think, but you'll probably want to set it with a powder.

In terms of wear time, I can usually get about eight hours of wear before I notice any fading or breaking down -- though I don't set the foundation so you may be able to get longer wear if you use a powder over it.

I purchased the Pro Foundation Drops in the shade F1, which is meant for fair skin with neutral undertones. I find that it's a good match for my pale skin that is pretty neutral (though it may lean slightly more cool than warm).

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops in F1
All in all, I really love this foundation. It's been one of my favorites since I purchase it a couple of months back, especially when I don't want a really heavy makeup look. I think folks with normal and dry skin will particularly enjoy it, so I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

Unfortunately, the foundation only appears to be available on the main Revolution website, so shipping is a little pricey if you're in the states. But it's only $10, so it's still pretty reasonable.

Have you tried the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops? What's your favorite foundation at the moment?

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