Monday, November 20, 2017

Product Review -- Too Faced Clover Eye Shadow Palette

One of the few things that I'm more crazy about than makeup is dogs.

I may only have two doggies at home, but I am a full-on crazy dog lady and if I ever win the lottery or Publishers Clearing House shows up on my doorstep with a giant check, I'm totally buying a giant, sprawling ranch and adopting all the rescue pups I can find.

So if you put together two things that I absolutely love -- dogs and makeup -- I am all over it.

Which is how Too Faced had me hook, line, and sinker with the new Clover Eye Shadow Palette.

Not only was the palette designed in honor Clover, the adorable chihuahua that belongs to Too Faced co-founders Jarrod and Jeremy and serves as the brand's mascot, but proceeds from the palette are also going to the Best Friends Animal Society.

I get fun makeup and the chance to help animals? Sign me up!

The palette is in the style of the Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach Palettes -- it's a long rectangular compact made of metal. It features adorable artwork that depicts Clover and other animal friends -- I could see some folks finding it a little too cutesy, but personally, I love it.

Too Faced Clover Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced Clover Eye Shadow Palette
Inside, there's a small mirror that works fine for touch-ups (and more cute artwork) and 18 new eye shadows.

The shades include: Puppy Eyes, a matte white with subtle silver micro shimmer; Lucky Clover, a satin pale yellow green; Chihuahua, a matte light tan; Fur Baby, a matte mid-tone brown; #SaveThemAll, a dark brown with silver micro shimmer; Spoiled, a shimmery aqua; I Ruff You, a shimmery pale pink; Paw Print, a matte gray mauve; Ruh Roh, a shimmery pinky purple; Love is Love, a matte hot pink; Wet Kisses, a shimmery copper; Woof, a matte black; Cuteness Overload, a shimmery pale peach; Best Friends, a metallic brown with blue-green duochrome; Cuddle Buddy, a matte deep brown; Daddies Love Me, a matte purple berry; TF Mascot, a pinky purple with silver micro shimmer; and Good Boy, a matte golden yellow.

Too Faced Clover Eye Shadow Palette
I've had this palette for almost two weeks, and I've used it pretty much exclusively -- because I'm pretty much in love and have so much fun playing with it.

The shadow formula is the same as most of Too Faced's palettes, which means there are a couple of shades like Puppy Eyes that are little dry and sheer.

From l. to r.: Puppy Eyes, Lucky Clover, Chihuahua, Fur Baby, #SaveThemAll, Spoiled

From l. to r.: I Ruff You, Paw Print, Ruh Roh, Love Is Love, Wet Kisses, Woof

From l. to r.: Cuteness Overload, Best Friends, Cuddle Buddy, Daddies Love Me, TF Mascot, Good Boy

But for the most part, the shadows are nicely pigmented and easy to blend and apply.

I've seen some less than enthusiastic reviews for the palette that take issue with the apparent "random" assortment of shades in the palette. Honestly, that's one of the things I like best about it.

There are plenty of shades that allow you to do a natural look, and plenty of shades for a brighter, bolder look.

It's true that not necessarily every shade in the palette works with every other shade, but it is a standalone palette for me, with plenty of matte shades to work with the shimmery and glittery shades.

The only shade that I've had trouble using is Good Boy, but I'm never a fan of yellow shadow. I think if you are a fan of those tones, you'll be able to work it into looks with some of the other brighter shades.

There are so many shades in the palette that I love: Best Friends has become a favorite crease shade,  though I like to use Chihuahua for more natural looks. I Ruff You and Cuteness Overload are lovely lid shades, and #SaveThemAll, Best Friends, Cuddle Buddy, and Ruh Roh are ideal for darkening up the outer corner.

I also adore Daddies Love Me when I want a little more color.

I have no hesitation recommending this palette, though as I mentioned, I've seen some less positive reviews so I don't want to tell anyone that it's a must-have.

I'd recommend checking it out in person to see if it's something you're interested in, but unfortunately, it's exclusive to the Too Faced website.

It retails for $49.

Have you tried the Too Faced Clover Eye Shadow Palette? Are you a fan?

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