Monday, November 27, 2017

Product Review -- It Cosmetics It Girl Palette

Usually, It Cosmetics puts out some type of eyeshadow palette for the holiday season -- and I buy them just as soon as they come out.

It Cosmetics' shadows may not be as fun, bright, or bold as those from other brands, but they always perform well and work really well for everyday, so it's a no-brainer for me.

This year, though, It Cosmetics took a different route and came out with the It Girl Palette, an eye and cheek palette.

I still picked this one up without hesitation because I also happen to be a pretty big fan of It Cosmetics blushes, and I'm always looking for palettes that are easy to travel with.

The It Girl Palette comes in a plastic compact that features a pretty sparkly rhinestone-like lid. I think the design is perfect for the holidays, but I have noticed that it has a very plasticky smell that I'm not a big fan of.  Though that's mostly worn off at this point, so I only smell it now if I press my nose up to it ... which, honestly, I have no reason to do.

It Cosmetics It Girl Palette
Inside, there is a generous size mirror, and the lid stays open by itself so it's perfect for doing your makeup with while you're traveling.

There are 10 eyeshadows and 1 blush in the palette: Beautiful, a matte ivory; Glitz, a shimmery nude; Lovely, a matte midtone brown; Stunning, a shimmery bronze; Divine, a matte chocolate brown; IT Girl, a matte pinky beige; Charming, a shimmery pink champagne; Darling, a matte pink; Dazzle, a shimmery rose; Brilliant, a matte wine; and an ombre rose blush.

It Cosmetics It Girl Palette
Just as with all of the other shadows I've tried from It Cosmetics, the formula in this palette is really nice. The mattes are so soft and creamy that they're just a dream to work with, and the shimmery shades are beautifully pigmented and blend easily too.

The left side of the palette offers a more traditional "neutral" everyday eye with nude and brown tones, while the right side provide rosy shades that are still very wearable.

It Cosmetics It Girl Palette

From l. to r.: Beautiful, Glitz, Lovely, Stunning, Divine

It Cosmetics It Girl Palette

From l. to r.: It Girl, Charming, Darling, Dazzle, Brilliant

The blush is such a gorgeous brightening rose shade that it always seems to instantly perk up my pale skin.

It Cosmetics It Girl Palette

It Cosmetics It Girl Palette blush
All in all, this is a really fabulous palette that has pretty much all the color products you need, save bronzer/contour and highlighter, to do your full face.

That said, it's probably not a must-have for everyone.

The shades aren't necessarily that unique, and if you don't care about having an all-in-one palette, it probably won't appeal to you that much.

It would make a great gift for the more casual makeup user on your holiday list, though, so the shades would work for most people who wear natural, easy makeup. It's also ideal for anyone who travels frequently since it can save room in your makeup bag.

You can purchase the palette for $48 on the It Cosmetics website and at Ulta.

Have you tried the It Cosmetics It Girl Palette? What's your favorite travel palette at the moment?

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