Monday, October 9, 2017

Product Review -- LORAC Mega PRO 4 Palette

I already have the first three LORAC Mega PRO Palettes in my collection, so I knew that I was going to pick up the fourth one before I even saw the colors.

I can't help it -- I couldn't fit the need to complete the "set."

When I finally saw a photo of the palette's shade range, though, I was even more convinced.

As much as I love all the warm, natural shadow palettes that have come out over the past couple of years -- and I do love them, deeply -- I was pretty excited to see an option that had plenty of cool tones included, but with some warmer tones to balance things out.

It makes for a really nice change of pace.

Like all of the palettes in the line, the Mega PRO 4 Palette  comes in sturdy but ultra thin cardboard packaging. This palette is a pretty pink shade and features a good size mirror on the inside, though the lid doesn't stay open by itself so you'll need to prop it up against something to use it for doing your makeup.

LORAC Mega Pro 4 Palette
There are 32 all new shadows in the palette, in a mix of matte and shimmer finishes.

The shades include: Cotton, a matte white; Flamingo, a matte pink peach; Cool Taupe, a matte ivory; Butterscotch, a matte light tan; Cedar, a matte dark brown; Mocha, a matte mid-tone brown; Denim, a matte cornflower blue; Shadow, a matte deep charcoal; Pink Peony, a matte white with slight pink undertones; Oat, a matte cool beige; Light Sage, a mate pale green; Sugar Cookie, a matte light gray; Mahogany, a matte red brown; Blackberry, a matte deep plum; Spice, a matte brick red; and Dark Chocolate, a matte dark gray brown; Foam, a shimmery ivory; Honey, a shimmery pale gold; Pearl Slate, a shimmery rose lilac; Moss, a shimmery light green; Steel Wool, a shimmery medium silver; Copper Pearl, a shimmery gold copper; Peacock, a shimmery deep teal; Lagoon, a shimmery dark blue green; Unicorn, a shimmery pale lavender; Lotus, a shimmery pink mauve; Fairytale, a shimmery lavender blue; Misty Mauve, a shimmery warm pewter; Silver Fox, a shimmery soft chrome; Plum, a shimmery purple mauve; Vamp, a shimmery purple charcoal; and Raven, a shimmery soft black.

LORAC Mega Pro 4 Palette

The formula for the shadows in this palette is the same as most LORAC palettes -- the shadows are nicely pigmented, smooth, and creamy. They do give off some fallout, so it's very important to tap your brush off well before applying them to your eyes.

From l. to r.: Cotton, Flamingo, Cool Taupe, Butterscotch, Cedar, Mocha, Denim, Shadow

From l. to r.: Pink Peony, Oat, Light Sage, Sugar Cookie, Mahogany, Blackberry, Spice, Dark Chocolate

From l. to r.: Foam, Honey, Pearl Slate, Moss, Steel Wool, Copper Pearl, Peacock, Lagoon

From l. to r.: Unicorn, Lotus, Fairytale, Misty Mauve, Silver Fox, Plum, Vamp, Raven

There are a couple of shades, such as Fairytale and Misty Mauve, that aren't quite as pigmented as the others, but they build up rather easily.

While I really enjoy the color range for the palette in theory -- it's so nice to have so many cooler toned shadows to choose from! -- I've found that it's kind of tough to put together looks in actual practice.

I think that might be because most of the warm tones are matte shadows, while most of the shimmer shades are cool tones so they don't coordinate as easily as you might like.

I also find that many of the shimmer shades are similar in depth, so looks can get a little muddy when you blend them into one another.

That said, there are still a lot of shades in the palette that I absolutely love -- Flamingo, Oat, and Butterscotch are such pretty transition shades for fair skin. Light Sage and Sugar Cookie are really lovely matte lid shades -- and Spice is just too gorgeous to even describe.

In terms of the shimmery shades, Unicorn, Lotus, Plum, Moss, and Pearl Slate are all absolutely beautiful too.

I think I'll get a lot of use out of this palette, but mainly in conjunction with other palettes.

And I still think $59 is a good value for 32 really nice shadows, even if it doesn't work as much as a standalone palette as the other Mega PRO Palettes for me.

Other folks who are a little more creative than I am might have an easier time putting together looks with the palette and think it's pretty great.

And still other folks may think the price tag is a little rich for a palette with so many shades that doesn't function as a truly standalone palette.

So at the end of the day, I think the palette is definitely worth checking out, but it's not a must-have for everyone.

You can buy it on the LORAC website or at Ulta.

Have you tried the LORAC Mega PRO 4 Palette? Which Mega PRO Palette is your favorite?

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