Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Product Review -- Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyes Cream Palette

When I went to the Beauty Bakerie website recently to pick up the Flour Setting Powder, I couldn't resist checking out some of their other products.

And naturally, my eyes were immediately drawn to their one eyeshadow palette, the Neapolitan Eyes Cream Palette.

Because I can't resist most eyeshadow palettes, but I especially can't resist them if they're ice cream-themed.

The palette comes in sturdy cardboard packaging with adorable ice cream artwork. Inside, there's a decent sized mirror, but the palette doesn't stay open by itself so you need to prop it up against something if you want to use it to do your makeup.

Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyes Cream Palette

Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyes Cream Palette
There are 12 shadows in the palette that are mix of matte and shimmer finishes.

The shades are: Chocolate Chip, a shimmery light beige; I Scream, a shimmery light tan; Powdered Sugar, a shimmery light copper bronze; Vanilla Bean, a shimmery rosy bronze; Water, a matte light brown; Pistachio, a shimmery copper; Drive-Thru, a matte chocolate brown; Sliced Almonds, a matte plum; Strawberry, a matte orange; Cocoa Powder, a shimmery purple-y taupe; U Scream, a matte black-brown; and Sundae Funday, a matte warm brown.

Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyes Cream Palette
Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyes Cream Palette
Beauty Bakerie describes the color selection for the palette as "Neutral enough for those melanin-rich dark skin tones to the sun-kissed olive and fair skin tones." The shades definitely are more natural, but there's plenty of warmth to them that I think they would complement medium and darker skin tones just as well as they would fair and light skin tones.

The shadow formula in the palette is pretty nice -- in particular, the shimmery shades are very smooth and creamy. The mattes apply and blend really well too, though they feel a little drier. 

The only shade in the palette that's a little trouble is Sliced Almonds, which is a little sheer. However, it's pretty easy to pack it on and build it up so it can still be a really pretty bold shade if you work with it a little. 

The shade range is varied enough that you can do some soft, subtle looks for everyday and deeper, smokier looks for the evening. 

My personal favorite shades are Powdered Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Pistachio, and Cocoa Powder. They work really well as lid colors, particularly with blue eyes.

From l. to r.: Chocolate Chip, I Scream, Powdered Sugar, Vanilla Bean

From l. to r.: Water, Pistachio, Drive-Thru, Sliced Almonds

From l. to r.: Strawberry, Cocoa Powder, U Scream, Sundae Funday
I've actually been using this palette a lot for everyday -- it's really easy to put together looks and they always turn out great, making it one of those great no-brainer palettes.

If you enjoy the color scheme, I definitely recommend checking out the palette.

It retails for $38 on the Beauty Bakerie website.

Have you tried the Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Eyes Cream Palette? Are you a fan?

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