Friday, February 24, 2017

Product Review -- LORAC California Dreaming Eye Shadow Palette

I'm a big fan of LORAC's eye shadows, so I've bought pretty much all of the major palettes that they've put out over the past few years.

Recently, they came out with the I Love Brunch Pro Palette, which is full of all sorts of lovely pastel shades, and I gave serious thought to picking it up.

But while it is certainly gorgeous, I know that pastels aren't really my thing so I wouldn't get too much use out of it.

And then when I saw the LORAC California Dreaming Eye Shadow Palette, which was also released recently and is full of shades that are supposedly inspired by Los Angeles in winter, I knew that it was a much better use of my beauty budget for the month.

Like all of the LORAC's palettes, the California Dreaming Eye Shadow Palettes comes in sturdy cardboard packaging. It is decorated with embossed California winter-inspired images, such as sea shells, butterflies, and even a few snowflakes.

LORAC California Dreaming Eye Shadow Palette
There is a small mirror inside that's really only suitable for touch-ups.

Inside, you get 12 eye shadows that include both matte and shimmer shades. I'm not entirely sure how large the individual pans are, but you get a total of 9.72 grams of product.

LORAC California Dreaming Eye Shadow Palette
The shades in the palette are: Sand Castle, a shimmery ivory; Button, a shimmery light tan; Overcast, a matte midtone purple with gray undertones; Bonfire, a matte pale pink; Hot Toddy, a matte warm rose; Starfish, a shimmery peach with pink undertones; Seaside, a shimmery army green; Cable Knit, a matte deep plum; Cozy, a matte beige with pink undertones; Boots, a shimmery blackened navy; Kitty Cat, a shimmery metallic bronze with rose undertones; and 65°, a shimmery light pink.

From l. to r.: Sand Castle, Button, Overcast, Bonfire

From l. to r.: Hot Toddy, Starfish, Seaside, Cable Knit

From l. to r.: Cozy, Boots, Kitty Cat, 65°
I find that the formula for both the matte and shimmery shadows is the same as most of LORAC's recent palettes -- they're nicely pigmented, creamy, and smooth. They do tend to be pretty powdery, so it's important to tap off your brush well before applying the shadows to your skin.

In terms of the color selection, I have to say that this is probably the most unique palette I've come across in a while. The shades are all fairly subdued and soft, but the has both cool and warm tones, which, oddly enough, actually work together pretty well. 

As a result, the palette is pretty versatile, and I've come up with a bunch of looks that I really like. 

Hot Toddy has become my favorite crease/transition shade of late -- it adds just the right amount of soft warmth to the eye. Starfish, Button, and 65° are all really pretty brightening lid shades, while Seaside, Cable Knit, and Boots are ideal for the crease or deepening up the outer corner (and an easy smoky eye!). 

Overcast can work pretty much anywhere on your eye, except the brow bone or inner corner - and Kitty Cat is absolutely magical. When I swatched it, I was prepared to be disappointed because it has a somewhat dry, chunky texture -- and yet, when you apply it the eye, it blends and builds like a dream. It is definitely my favorite shade in the entire palette.

I absolutely adore this bad boy, and definitely recommend it if you're looking for a palette that's not exactly like every other one that you've bought over the past couple of years.

It retails for $30, which seems very reasonable to me, and you can find it on the LORAC website or at Ulta and Kohl's.

Have you tried the LORAC California Dreaming Eye Shadow Palette? What palette have you been most pleasantly surprised by recently?

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