Monday, April 25, 2016

Product Review -- ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Liquid Lipsticks

I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks.

That's mainly because most of them provide a matte finish that feels really drying and uncomfortable.

So while I appreciate the staying power, I just don't wind up wearing them all that often.

I have several of the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks, and to my surprise, I actually like them quite a bit. They are certainly drying, but they don't feel tight or uncomfortable on the lips at all.

Still, I was pretty excited when I heard that ColourPop was coming out with a line of Ultra Satin Lip Liquid Lipsticks because I figured that they would be even more comfortable to wear due to the satin finish.

And happily, I was right.

Like the Ultra Matte Lipsticks, the Ultra Satins come in a plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. The formula feels creamier than the Ultra Mattes, so while I wouldn't call them hydrating, I don't find them to be particularly drying.

From l. to r.: Littlestitious, Magic Wand, Echo Park, Dopey, Spritz, Molly, Mess Around, Frick n Frack, TooLips, Panda
Their staying power isn't quite as good as the Ultra Mattes, but it's still pretty impressive. They wear pretty much all day unless I eat something that's really greasy or oily. Even when they start to wear off, they leave behind a pretty stain, which is nice.

Personally, I wouldn't necessarily call the finish on all of these lipsticks "satin." Some appear mostly matte on my lips, but maybe that's just because my lips have been fairly dry lately.

I purchased 10 of the shades: Littlestitious, a pastel dusty pink; Magic Wand, a light warm nude; Echo Park, a warm peachy nude; Spritz, a mid-tone bright pink; Dopey, a dusty mauve; Molly, a mid-tone plum lilac; Mess Around, a mid-tone grey beige; Frick n Frack, a rosy terracotta; Panda, a deep pink violet; and TooLips, a deep plum brown.

From l. to r.: Littlestitious, Magic Wand, Echo Park, Dopey, Spritz

From l. to r.: Littlestitious, Magic Wand, Echo Park, Dopey, Spritz
From l. to r.: Molly, Mess Around, Frick n Frack, TooLips, Panda

From l. to r.: Molly, Mess Around, Frick n Frack, TooLips, Panda

As is the case with many of their products, ColourPop deserves credit for coming up with some really pretty, unique shades.

Littlestitious has been my favorite nude lip shade lately (I like that it leans toward the pink side of the spectrum), and Dopey is gorgeous when I want to go with a darker lip. Molly is a little brighter than I probably usually wear, but it screams spring to me and I've been wearing it a ton. Frick n Frack is a nice option when I'm wanting a reddish lip but don't want to go all out.

But I think I'm most obsessed with Panda. It's not a color that I would usually choose, but it's just so beautiful.

Mess Around and TooLips are interesting shades, but they're a little tricky to wear with my super fair skin. What I usually do is apply a small amount and rub them into my lips for more of a stained look than an opaque application.

There are a bunch more colors too, so I definitely recommend checking out the selection. If there's a shade you like, I'd give it a try... even if you're not the biggest liquid lipstick fan.

Like the Ultra Mattes, these lipsticks are all $6 each and are available on the ColourPop website.

Have you tried the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Liquid Lipsticks? Which shades are your favorite?

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