Monday, January 4, 2016

Product Review -- ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks

Note: I have to offer my apologies for disappearing again for the past couple of weeks. All of the fault lies with the holidays and various kinds of insanity related to them. But now the new year has started, I am ready to get back on a track -- and I've got a bunch of exciting new products, including some great drugstore finds, that I can't wait to share!

I'm a huge fan of ColourPop products and usually buy their new products as soon as they're available.

In recent months, though, I've fallen a little behind on their new releases, so when they had some sales around Thanksgiving and the holidays, I decided to catch up on what I'd missed.

The first product that I decided to try were the Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks.

These lip products have been out since the summer, but I wasn't as excited about them as other people, I think.

I've mentioned before that I'm not really a fan of these types of ultra matte liquid lipsticks because the formula is usually super dry and unforgiving when it comes to any cracks or dry patches on your lips.

However, it's hard to argue the staying power of a matte liquid lipstick like ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lips, so I can definitely see the value of having a few of them in my collection.

ColourPop offers a wide variety of colors in the range, but I went with 6 shades that all fall into the nude/pink/pinky brown/mauve family because I felt like I'd get the most use out of them.

I picked up Midi, a pink-y nude beige; Trap, a mauve with gray undertones; Clueless, a mauve pink; Teeny Tiny, a plummy mauve with gray undertones; Beeper, a warm brownish nude; and Stingraye, a cool mauve-y brown.
ColourPop Ulta Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks

From l. to r.: Midi, Trap, Clueless, Teeny Tiny, Beeper, Stingraye

From l. to r.: Midi, Trap, Clueless, Teeny Tiny, Beeper, Stingraye

From l. to r.: Midi, Trap, Clueless, Teeny Tiny, Beeper, Stingraye
The ColorPop Ultra Matte Lip is definitely a dry formula -- you have to exfoliate and moisturize your lips well before applying or every line and crack will be seriously emphasized -- but as someone who isn't a fan of these types of lip products, I didn't find it particularly uncomfortable to wear. They didn't feel tight, which is usually why I don't like matte liquid lipsticks.

They do completely dry down after you apply them, though, which means they don't really transfer and the staying power is pretty fantastic -- I'm talking all day color with these babies.

The only times I notice them fading or breaking down is if I eat something that's oily (which makes sense because cleaning oil seems to be the best way to get these off at the end of the day).

As I mentioned, I always make sure to use a lip scrub and a lip moisturizer before applying these so they don't look patchy or rough. Because the matte finish is not what's most important to me with these, I will sometimes layer a gloss over these, which makes them easier to wear.

If I don't want a glossy look, though, I'll just rub a little basic lip balm like Chap Stick on my finger and then dab it over the Ultra Matte Lip for extra moisture.

For folks who are used to wearing these kinds of long-wearing matte liquid lipsticks, I think you'll be fine with this formula.

If you're not a fan of these types of lip products, I would still recommend them if you see a shade that you particularly like or need a long-wear lipstick for a special occasion.

The Ultra Matte Lips retail for $6 on the ColourPop website.

While I'm talking about ColourPop's lip products, I'll also mention a couple of other shades in the Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil range that coordinate with the Ultra Matte Lip in Stingraye.

As part of a collboration with beauty vlogger ItsMyRayeRaye, ColourPop also released a Lippie Stix in Rayezor, a matte warm peachy nude, and a Lippie Pencil in Rayezor in a warmy peachy nude, which are both $5 each.

From l. to r.: Stingraye, Rayezor Lip Pencil, Rayezor Lippie Stix

From l. to r.: Stingraye, Rayezor Lip Pencil, Rayezor Lippie Stix
I love the Ultra Matte Lip and the Lippie Pencil in particular.

Have you tried the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks? Which shade is your favorite?


  1. I'm not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks as my lips are naturally really dry so I think I'll give these a miss. I do really like their lippy stix though! Great swatches, the colours you picked up look gorgeous.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Yeah, if you have dry lips, I don't think these would be too comfortable. I am enjoying the shades I got, but I don't wear them back to back days now that the weather's getting cold because it's just too much for my poor lips. :P


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