Friday, December 18, 2015

Product Alert -- The Balm In theBalm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Palette and the Manizer Sisters AKA The Luminizers Palette

Since I tried my first Shady Lady Palette more than five years ago, I've been in love with The Balm.

Not only is their packaging adorable, their products are almost always fantastic, so an obsession was borne.

That means whenever the brand comes out with a new palette, I buy it, no questions asked. Their holiday palettes, in particular, are my weakness.

This year, though, I was prepared to skip them -- not because they didn't look great, but because they were "greatest hits" type palettes and I already had all of the products in them. 

I have a modicum of self-control and common sense.

But then, The Balm had a 50% off sale on Black Friday, and for half price, I couldn't resist completing my palette collection so I bought In theBalm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Palette and The Manizer Sisters AKA The Luminizers Palette.

I'm only human, after all.
I'm not going to do full reviews of these palettes because I've reviewed all of the products previously, but I'll give a quick rundown in case you're on the fence.

In theBalm of Your Hand is a full face palette -- it contains shadows, lip products, blush, and highlighter. 

For the cheeks, you get Hot Mama, a shimmery rose gold blush; Argyle from the Instain Blush line, a matte bubblegum pink blush; Cabana Boy, a shimmery berry blush; and Bahama Mama, a satin golden brown bronzer; Mary-Lou Manizer, a shimmery golden highlight; and Caramel from the How 'Bout Them Apples? Palette, a rosy brown lip and cheek cream. 

For the eyes, you get Insane Jane from The Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette, a shimmery olive; Mischievous Marissa from The Shady Lady Special Edition Palette, a shimmery golden peach; Sexy from the Nude'Tude Palette, a matte dark brown; and Lead Zeppelin from the Balm Jovi Palette, a shimmery army green.

For the lips, you get Mia Moore from the Balm Girls Lipstick line, a matte true blue red.

The Balm In The Balm of Your Hand Palette
From l. to r.: Hot Mama, Argyle, Cabana Boy, Bahama Mama, Caramel

From l. to r.: Insane Jane, Mischievous Marissa, Sexy, Lead Zeppelin, Mary Lou Manizer, Mia Moore

This is a terrific palette for anyone who hasn't tried many of The Balm's products and wants a basic introduction to the line. It's also a great option for folks who travel quite a bit and want some of their favorite products all in a single palette.

The Manizer Sisters Palette features all of the brand's famous luminizing powders in a single palette.

You get Mary-Lou Manizer, a shimmery golden highlight; Cindy-Lou Manizer, a shimmery golden pink highlight; and Betty-Lou Manizer, a shimmery golden bronze.

From l. to r.: Mary-Lou Manizer, Cindy-Lou Manizer, Betty-Lou Manizer
From l. to r.: Mary-Lou Manizer, Cindy-Lou Manizer, Betty-Lou Manizer

Again, this palette is a great gift for someone who's always wanted to try The Balm's luminizers -- or anyone who wants to have all three shades in one convenient palette that they can take with them on the go. 

The In theBalm of Your Hand Palette retails for $39.50 on The Balm website and at Kohl's, while the Manizer Sisters Palette is $28 on The Balm website and at Kohl's.

Have you tried the In theBalm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Palette or the Manizer Sisters AKA The Luminzers Palette? What is your favorite product from The Balm?


  1. Those companies and their mean black friday prices! xD I think it´s an amazing deal. Although I don´t like Led Zeplin in the palette - I LOVE my Balm Jovi but that is probably the shade I use the least.

    My favourite balm product would have to be the houndstooth blush that I got from you. I think I´m using this probably 50% of the times that I wear blush. :)

    1. That blush is one of my favorites too. It's a lovely color and the staying power is second to none in my experience. I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying it too. :D

    2. I had initially eyed pinstripe but having houndstooth I think it actually might be too dark for me. :) So I´m super happy with the blush.


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