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Review -- ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

If you're like me and obsessively read beauty blogs and watch YouTube beauty videos, you've probably seen ColourPop mentioned once or twice in recent months.

The brand has kind of taken the beauty world by story, actually, and I can only see a product mentioned so many times before curiosity gets the better of me and I have to check it out for myself.

So when ColourPop was having a deal on Black Friday where if you spent certain amount, you'd get a gift card for future use for x-amount, I decided it was finally time to give the brand a try.

At present, ColourPop only makes eye shadows, lipsticks, and lip pencils, but the color range is quite impressive so there are plenty of tempting things on the website.

That's the other thing -- right now, the only place that you can purchase ColourPop products is their website. Right now, they only ship to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, but their website states that they're working on expanding their shipping capabilities. (You can sign up for their newsletter to be alerted when they add more countries.)

But one of the best things about ColourPop is their pricing -- every single item is just $5.  And they offer free shipping on orders $30 and over, which is a pretty good deal.

The very best thing about ColourPop, though, is that their products are pretty much uniformly awesome -- and not just for products at their price point; for any price point really.

This post will cover the eye shadows, while the next will focus on the lipsticks and lip pencils.

When it came to trying out the Super Shock Shadows, there were so many gorgeous shades to choose from that I decided to pick up one of their holiday sets, Better Than a Sweater, that features some of the best-sellers from the permanent line.

ColourPop Holiday Packaging

ColourPop Better Than a Sweater Holiday Set
(At the time I'm writing this, Better Than a Sweater is no longer available, but the kit contains 6 shadows and retails for $30, which is the same price you'll pay if you purchase all of the shades individually so there's no harm in having to buy them separately.

And even though the set is no longer available, I thought I'd point out that the packaging was adorable. Very festive.)

The shadows include: Girly, a cream shade with pink and gold duochrome; I Heart This, silvery taupe with multicolor glitter; Amaze, metallic rose gold with multicolor glitter; So Quiche, a light olive with gold and pink violet duochrome; BAE, an eggplant purple with glittery emerald and turquoise duochrome; and Envy, a black with violet glitter.

From l. to r.: ColourPop Girly, Amaze, & Envy

From l. to r.: ColourPop Girly, Amaze, & Envy

From l. to r.: ColourPop I Heart This, BAE, & So Quiche

From l. to r.: ColourPop I Heart This, BAE, & So Quiche

I also picked up a few individual shadows: Cricket, a mid-tone plum with multicolor glitter; Meow, a light gunmetal gray with pink, violet, and silver glitter; Krinkle, a light smoky blue with silver and gold glitter; Mittens, a matte warm brown with red violet undertones; and Tea Party, a light peachy pink with silver and pale pink glitter.

Top row (l. to r.): ColourPop Cricket, Meow, & Mittens; Bottom row (l. to r): Krinkle & Tea Party

From l. to r.: ColourPop Cricket, Meow, Mittens, Krinkle, & Tea Party
All of the shadows come in small white plastic pots with screw-off lids. Each pot contains 2.1 grams of shadow.

The Super Shock Shadows are not your traditional power -- or cream, for that matter -- eye shadow. They're kind of a cross between the two, so when you dip a finger or brush into the pot, they have an almost sponge-y consistency. That means that even though the majority of ColourPop's shadows contain tons of glitter, you don't have to worry about tons of fallout like you normally would.

But the texture does make application a little tricky. In most cases, your fingertip or even sponge tip applicator works best for packing a shadow on the lid. When it comes to brushes, synthetic bristles seem to work the best with the Super Shocks, though I have used natural brushes too and have made them work.

(Because of the unique formula, ColourPop makes it clear that you've got to be sure to close the pots tight after each use or the shadows may dry up.)

Some of the shades, such as Tea Party, are somewhat sheer and impart almost as much glitter as pigment. These are best used as topper shades over a cream or powder shadow in a similar color.

But most of the shades are pigmented enough to be used all on their own -- and they're so glittery and shimmery and perfect that I'm kind of obsessed.

They're the ideal shadow for a party or evening out look -- I wore them a ton during the holidays and what I loved is that they give you a really festive, sparkly look with minimal effort. In most cases, I'd just put one of the shadows across the lid, work a matte or satin shade through the crease, and add some liner. It barely took five minutes, but looked a lot more complicated than that.

Of the shades I've purchased, So Quiche is probably my favorite -- it's such a unique, gorgeous color for the lid or the crease. I'm also crazy about I Heart This because shimmery taupe shades are one of my favorite things in the world.

Cricket and Bae are other favorites too, though to be perfectly honest, I love all of the shadows I've purchased -- and I've already placed another order for more.

I love them that much.

I definitely recommend picking up at least one or two of the shadows to try them out for yourself. There are so many colors that there's bound to be a shade you love and these shadows are so much fun to play with that I feel like everyone needs a few in their life.

Oh, and if you're like me and enjoy personal touches, ColourPop includes a handwritten note with each order. Sure the message is generic (I know this because I got the same exact message on back to back orders), but I really appreciate when a company takes the time to include little touches like that. It just makes me feel like they've gone a little extra.

Have you tried the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows? Which shades are your favorites?

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