Thursday, April 23, 2015

Product 411 -- ColourPop In Bloom and Where The Light Is Collections

(Note: So I'm trying out a new title for this post: Product 411. It's not a full review for reasons I explain below, but I didn't want to call it a Product Alert because I'm sure most people are aware of these two items. So this is really just a brief overview. If you've got a better name for these kinds of posts, feel free to share below.)

Lately, ColourPop seems to be putting out a new collection or kit every day.

Now, I'm not complaining because they're all pretty fabulous, but it's just not possible (or reasonable) to pick up all of them.

I couldn't resist buying the In Bloom Collection, which was a collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, and Where The Light Is Foursome, which is a collaboration with YouTuber Kathleen Lights, though.

My will power is only so strong, you know.

I'm not going to do full-fledged reviews of the items in these kits -- because I've already reviews the Lippie Stix, Super Shock Shadows, and Super Shock Cheeks, and the formulas of these products are all the same -- but I thought a quick rundown might be helpful if you're trying to figure out which ColourPop items you want to pick up.

The In Bloom Collection contains three Super Shock Cheeks in Tounge Tied, a matte bright coral; Double Dip, a satin pearl golden peach; and Hysterical, a matte pinky purple, as well as three Lippie Stix in Frenemie, an orange-y red with a cream finish; Sweet Thing, a mid-tone blue pink with a cream finish; and Freshman, a deep fuchsia with a cream finish.

ColourPop In Bloom Collection

ColourPop In Bloom Super Shock Cheeks

From l. to r.: Tongue Tied, Double Dip, Hysterical

From l. to r.: Tongue Tied, Double Dip, Hysterical

ColourPop In Bloom Lippie Stix

From l. to r.: Frenemie, Freshman, Sweet Thing

From l. to r.: Frenemie, Freshman, Sweet Thing
If you're a fan of bright, bold makeup, this collection is a kind of a must. I think it would be especially lovely if you have dark skin because these shades should really pop. If you're fair like me, you can still rock these shades -- just use a light hand when applying the blushes.

Oh, and FYI, even on my fair skin, Double Dip is too light to really be a blush. It's a gorgeous highlighter, though.

The Where The Light Is Foursome contains four of the Super Shock Shadows: Glow, a matte vanilla; Kathleen Lights, a rich pearlized copper; Blaze, a metallic bronze with multicolor glitter; and Cornelius, a matte warm caramel.

ColourPop Where The Light Is Foursome

ColourPop Where The Light Is Foursome

Top (l. to r.): Cornelius & Glow; Bottom (l. to r.): Kathleen Lights & Blaze

From l. to r.: Cornelius, Glow, Kathleen Lights, Blaze
I am absolutely in love with these shadows -- they make my blue eyes pop like nobody's business. I usually use either Kathleen Lights or Blaze on the lid, Cornelius through the crease, and Glow as a highlight. With my fair skin, the look is a little dramatic but I've still been rocking it during the day.

I bet the shades would be absolutely beautiful on tan, olive, or dark skin too.

This is definitely a must-have for me, but then, I love these kinds of shades.

Oh, and I'll also throw in that I purchased one of the individual Super Shock Shadows in Downtown, a matte mid-tone cool brown.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Downtown

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Downtown

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Downtown
Now that probably doesn't sound too exciting, but I always have a hard time finding cool browns -- and this one is a lovely matte!  I definitely recommend it.

The In Bloom Collection is $39, and the Where The Light Is Foursome is $20. The Super Shock Shadow in Downtown is $5. You can purchase all three at ColourPop.

Have you purchased any new products from ColourPop recently? Which are your favorites?


  1. Okay, now I´m glad that I can´t get my hands on those easily. Just the packaging of "Where The Light Is" is so pretty that I would want it. xD Makes you think how amazing it would be if someday a company came knocking and asking you for a collab.

    1. I meant to mention to the packaging and totally forgot! ColourPop always does a great job with that... and they seem to be adding more countries to their shipping areas every day, though, so hopefully, you'll be able to get your hands on this stuff sooner rather than later. ;)

      Getting to come up with your own makeup shades would be so cool! Mine would likely be all peachy shades. :)


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