Monday, April 27, 2015

Review -- Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks

These days, it seems like so many drugstore makeup brands are coming out with matte lipsticks.

But the thing about all these new mattes is that they're not dry and streaky and uncomfortable like the mattes I remember from my younger days. Those terrible formulas pretty much turned me off to matte lipsticks for years and years -- it's only been just recently that I've started to wear mattes again on a regular basis.

The Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes are probably what started my down this road, but I think it'll be the Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks that will keep me on it.

Now, for the record, I'm not the biggest fan of the Color Statement Lipsticks in general -- something about the scent really bugs me so I've only purchased a single shade (which I hardly ever wear if I'm being honest) -- but I decided to give the Matte version a try because I'd seen some pretty good reviews.

Boy, am I glad I did.

First of all, these don't have the same scent as the original Color Statement Lipsticks -- these seem to have a vanilla-y kind of fragrance that I quite like.

Second of all -- and probably most important -- the formula is pretty fantastic.

It's not quite as thin and creamy as the Maybelline Creamy Mattes, but strangely enough, they still manage to feel more moisturizing. They're extremely comfortable to wear, and they last a good long while -- I'd say I get four hours of wear without having to touch up if I'm not drinking or eating.

They are available in eight shades, but I only picked up two -- Matte Innocence (60), a light peachy nude, and Matte Naked (061), a mid-tone pinky-mauve nude.

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstics in Matte Innocence (l.) and Matte Naked (r.)

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstics in Matte Innocence (l.) and Matte Naked (r.)

Both shades are absolutely gorgeous, though Matte Naked is probably my favorite. That's because it's a nude-ish shade that would probably work for anyone. (It's not really nude, because it's got too much color for that but it is a MLBB shade that I think would look just as good on dark skin as it does on my super pale skin.)

Unfortunately, none of the other shades in the range particularly appeal to me so I don't have plans to pick any more up right now. But if Milani adds more colors, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another in the least.

I just love these lipsticks.

And they're only $5.99. How can you beat that?

Have you tried the Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks? Which shade is your favorite?

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