Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review -- Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette

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I don't have a ton of Kat Von D products, but whenever I purchase one, I am always pleasantly surprised.

I say 'pleasantly surprised' because I'll admit that when the line was first introduced at Sephora, I thought it was going to be pretty gimmick-y.

I can admit when I'm wrong -- Kat Von D has come up with quite a few standout products, so I'm always willing to give the line a try now.

In fact, I was seriously disappointed that I missed out on the Spellbinding Eyeshadow Palette that was released for the holidays last year.

That's why when I saw the Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette on Sephora's website, I decided that I'd bite the bullet and pick it up during a little shopping spree courtesy of Christmas and birthday gift cards.

I couldn't help it -- the packaging and shadow colors all just scream 'Spring!' and since we've had the snowiest winter that I can remember in the NY-metro area this year, I was desperate for a reminder that warm weather will (hopefully) make an appearance again someday... even if only in my makeup drawer.

Kat Von D Esperanza Palette
The palette contains eight eyeshadows, including what Kat Von D calls a "transformer" shade: Selena, a glittery purple; Dayglo,iridescent white (transformer); Galore, a pearly peach; Placebo, a matte coral; Santeria,a glittery green gray; Archangel, a shimmery mint or seafoam green; South, a matte taupe-y beige; and Dog Roses, a shimmery bronze.

From l. to r.: Selena, Dayglo, Galore, Placebo

From l. to r.: Santeria, Archangel, South, Dog Roses
I've tried Kat Von D eye shadows before, and they definitely have an impressive formula. The glittery shades like Selena and Santeria can be somewhat chunky, but I've found that to be the case with most heavy glitter shadows (Urban Decay shadows, I'm looking at you.).  WIth the right base and a patting motion, they are relatively easy to work with.

The shimmery, pearl and matte shadows are all lovely, though -- smooth, creamy and easy to blend.

As far as the transformer shade, Dayglo, goes, it can definitely change up the look of a shadow -- but it works better with some than others. For example, layering over the glittery shades doesn't work quite as well as with the other shadows.  I also like using Dayglo on its own -- it's an iridescent white with a kind of green undertone, and I like to apply it to the inner corner for a little brightening action.

From l. to r.: Santeria & Santeria with Dayglo over it

From l. to r.: Placebo & Placebo with Dayglo over it
The one thing that the palette seems to be lacking is a highlight shade -- I guess Dayglo could work for that, but it's a little too shimmery for my tastes.

One of my favorite eye looks lately has been from this palette -- Galore on the lid, Placebo in the crease, and a little Dog Roses in the outer corner to darken things up. I was a little afraid of how a coral like Placebo would look in the crease, but it has such a pretty warm effect. I especially love it for blue eyes.

I've also been into pastel shades on my lid lately (I am really desperate for spring, if you couldn't tell) so I love Archangel.  I wore it the other day with just a little of South through the crease to blend it out. It was a super soft look, but so pretty. 

The palette comes in cardboard packaging with a decent sized mirror on the inside lid.  The artwork is really lovely too -- it features a colorful sugar skull design with lots of pretty flowers.

You can purchase the palette for $36 at Sephora.

If you're looking for a palette to help spruce up your spring eye shadow wardrobe, I definitely recommend checking this one out.

Are you interested in the Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette? Are you a fan of other Kat Von D products?


  1. I really like the Dayglo idea. I think that´s something other will try for their own palettes soon!
    It´s really no wonder you were drawn to this palette - just the front of it would be enough to catch my attention and the colours are pretty unusual too.
    The only thing I´d have to say that I dislike is that theres a lot of "spare room" (I hope it´s understandable). Meaning the eyeshadow pans are a bit lost in all the black carton. I don´t own any Kat von D things but if I remember correctly then her usual palettes look a bit different in this regard.

  2. i am definitely a fan of her products- i find the shadow quality has vastly improved since the line first launched and im really looking forward to all the new shadows that are continually released. im very sad to hear that you missed out on the storybook palette- it just amazing!! i very much like this palette- its a fun palette for spring/summer! i love the purple shade selena but find it takes a bit of extra work to really get it to show true to pan; that said, fyrinnae pixie epoxy makes magic with this shadow! :)


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