Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review -- New Milani Products (Baked Matte Blushes, Coming Up Roses Powder Blushes, & Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses)

I've been picking up quite a few things at the drugstore these days because it seems like there are so many interesting new products out there.

And whenever I run into CVS, Walgreen's or Target for practical items like toothpaste or allergy medicine, I can't seem to bypass the makeup aisle.

Recently, my local Walgreen's expanded their selection of Milani products (they'd previously had a single end cap that never seemed to get restocked) and they had quite a few of the brand's new items that I'd been interested in checking out.

You can guess what happened -- I went a little crazy.

I already have several of Milani's original Baked Blushes, and they're some of my favorites from the drugstore for sure.

That's why I was so excited to hear about the new Baked Matte Blushes.

While the original Baked Blushes are lovely, they have tons of shimmer and that's not always the look that I necessarily want for my cheeks.

I picked up both of the new matte shades, Bella Rosa and Delizioso Pink.

Milani Bella Rosa (l.) & Delizioso Pink (r.)
Milani Delizioso Pink (l.) & Bella Rosa (r.)

Bella Rosa is a gorgeous pinky red shade, while Delizioso Pink is a pretty bright bubblegum pink.

Like the original Baked Blushes, these babies are highly pigmented so if you're fair like me, a stippling brush works best for application.

What I really can't get over is how smooth and blendable these blushes are, though.  They're not chalky or powdery in the least.  And because the color is so concentrated, I find that they have a pretty decent wear time as well.

All in all, these are real winners.  If you like either (or both) shades, I wouldn't hesitate to pick them up.

My Walgreen's also had the Coming Up Roses Powder Blushes, which I believe are limited edition, so even though I've bought way too many cheek products recently, I decided to pick up a few of these as well.

Before we even get to the formula or colors, these blushes just look pretty because they're molded to look like roses.  They're larger than the Baked Blushes too (17 grams vs. 3.5 grams) so they just have a really impressive look to them.

From l. to r.: Coral Cove, Lady Rouge, Tea Rose

From l. to r.: Coral Cove, Lady Rouge, Tea Rose
I purchased three of the four blushes: Coral Cove, a matte bright coral; Lady Rouge, a matte bright red; and Tea Rose, a matte soft rose.

These blushes are nice, though I don't think the formula is quite as good as the Baked Blushes.  These are slightly powder-y, but they do blend pretty nicely and are definitely pigmented.

I don't necessarily think that they're worth hunting down, but if you see them at a store near you and like the colors, I would recommend them.

By the way, if you really like the look of Lady Rouge but can't track it down, Bella Rosa is a similiar (and permanent) shade. Lady Rouge is just more of a straight-up red, while Bella Rose has strong pink undertones.

Finally, I picked up two of the new Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses.

I could have picked up about a half dozen more because there are 14 shades that all look lovely, but I went with Luminous and Rose Blush.

Milani Luminous (top) & Rose Blush (Bottom)

Milani Luminous (l.) & Rose Blush (r.)
Luminous is a pretty peachy pink with gold shimmer, while Rose Blush is pretty bright rosy pink with gold shimmer.

The formula is really nice -- it's not particularly sticky, but it is somewhat thick so the gloss lasts for a decent amount of time. At the same time, it's really smooth and feels nice on the lips. The glosses have a good amount of pigment and a vanilla scent that's really pleasant too.

Oh, and if you're not a fan of shimmery glosses, there are cream shades as well.

Have you tried any of Milani's new products? What have been your favorites?


  1. Those baked blushes are so gorgeous!! I never really paid attention to Milani. Guess that´ll have to change. ^^

    1. Bella Rosa is a beauty on fair skin -- you should definitely pick that one up if you can. :)

  2. I also picked up Bella Rosa and am in love with it. I was debating between that one and Corallina, but I didn't want it to appear too orange on me, as I despise that look. I'm so glad I got Bella Rosa. It is a lovely matte shade. I hope they come out with more shades!

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

    1. I'm obsessed with Bella Rosa myself. Just so pretty! I have Corallina and while I wouldn't say that it's super orange-y, it is super sparkly. You have to use a really light hand with it or you can get that disco ball look -- which is why I don't use it that often, so I think you may the right choice. ;) I definitely hope they come out with more matte shades!


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