Monday, October 14, 2013

Review -- Tarte Kiss and Makeup 5-Piece Amazonian Butter Lipstick Set

 When I said I was a sucker for Tarte's holiday kits, I wasn't kidding.

I'll admit that the pretty packaging is what first caught my eye about the Kiss and Makeup 5-Piece Amazonian Butter Lipstick Set, but the lipsticks aren't too shabby either.

I first tried the Amazonian Butter Lipsticks as part of a Tarte TSV from QVC a few months back. The formula is smooth, creamy and really comfortable on the lips. Because they're moisturizing, they aren't super long lasting but I don't find that they disappear all that quickly either. Like most of Tarte's lip products, they also have a cool minty taste/scent, which I really enjoy.

The lipsticks in this kit all have that same exact formula, so I really like them.

I should also mention the Amazonian Butter Lipsticks' unique packaging -- the outer tubes are made of cardboard, which I think is pretty cool but I know some folks aren't such big fans of it.  Keep in mind that while the lipsticks feel noticeably lighter in the hand than other lipsticks, they don't feel flimsy in any way.  

In the holiday set, each tube's packaging is different color but they all feature an embossed gold pattern that resembles holly leaves and berries -- very pretty and festive.

Tarte Kiss and Makeup Amazonian Butter Lipstick Set
The Kiss and Makeup set contains five Amazonian Butter Lipsticks: Angelic Nude, a peachy nude; Sweet Peach, a mid-tone peach; Merry Berry, a sheer light berry with blue, green and purple micro-glitter; Pink Poinsettia, a bright warm pink; and Candy Red, a true blue-based red.

From l. to r.: Angelic Nude, Sweet Peach, Berry Merry, Pink Poinsettia, Candy Red
From l. to r.: Angelic Nude, Sweet Peach, Berry Merry, Pink Poinsettia, Candy Red
Now, given my affinity for nude and peach lipsticks, you might assume that Angelic Nude or Sweet Peach is my favorite shade in the set.  I do love both -- Angelic Nude is a really wearable nude that I think would work on a variety of skin tones, and while Sweet Peach is somewhat bright, it isn't so bold that it overwhelms my fair skin -- but hands down, my favorite shade is Merry Berry.

It's a lovely wearable berry shade that's perfect for fall and winter, but the gorgeous iridescent blue, green and purple micro-glitter throughout really make it a standout lipstick. I've seen some folks complain about the glitter, but I can't feel it on the lips and it's extremely subtle so you only notice it when it catches the light. It is beautiful and really has a festive feel that fits the holiday season to a tee. I'm actually thinking about buying another set just so I can have a backup of Merry Berry (and can save the other lipsticks for a giveaway).

Here's a close up of Merry Berry so you can hopefully see the lovely glitter flecks.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Merry Berry
 Pink Poinsettia and Candy Red aren't shades that I will wear too often -- simply because I don't usually wear such bright colors on a day to day basis -- but they'll be great for holiday parties and other special occasions.

As far as I know, the set is exclusive to QVC, where it normally retails for $43.50 plus s/h and taxes. However, right now, you can get it at the featured price of $39.58 plus s/h and taxes.

All in all, this is a set of pretty great lipsticks in fun shades that would work for a variety of skin tones. I think it would make an excellent gift for a makeup lover in your life or a little treat for yourself.

Have you tried the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipsticks?  Are you tempted by the Kiss and Makeup Set? What's your favorite lipstick shade for the holidays?


  1. The packaging is so pretty. Love Tarte! <3

    1. Me too! They have so many great products -- and packaging. :)

  2. definitely tempted but can't order from qvc in canada....*le tear*

    1. That stinks! Why doesn't QVC ship to Canada? I feel really bad because there are a couple of great beauty TSVs coming up in the next month. :(


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