Monday, October 28, 2013

Review -- The Balm Shady Lady Special Editon Palette (& Giveaway!) (CLOSED)

Anyone who reads this blog regularly is probably sick and tired of reading about how much I love The Balm.

I'm sorry, but I can't help it.

They're right up there with Tarte and Bare Escentuals when it comes to my favorite makeup brands.

That's why whenever The Balm shows up on HauteLook, I always check out the offerings even though I have 99% of the line at this point.

When they showed up on the site most recently, though, I was surprised to see a new palette in the Shady Lady line that I'd never heard of before -- in fact, it's not even available on The Balm's website.

Perhaps it's a HauteLook exclusive.

In that case, it's not available at the moment.

I'm still going to review the palette, though, because it may very well turn up during The Balm's next HauteLook event -- which seem to happen every couple of months.

Or maybe it will eventually turn up on The Balm's website.

In either case, you'll know if it's something you're interested whenever you see it on a side.

The palette, The Shady Lady Special Edition, contains 9 eye shadows like all of the Shady Lady palettes.

The Balm Shady Lady Special Edition Palette

The Balm Shady Lady Special Edition Palette
The shades include: Feisty Felicia, a blackened purple with purple shimmer; Caught in the Act Courtney, a dark chocolate brown with micro glitter; Shameless Shana, a mid-tone golden brown; Insane Jane, a shimmery taupe; Mischievous Marissa, a shimmery copper; Just This Once Jamie, a shimmery light purple; Envious Erin, a shimmery cream; Devilish Danielle, a light shimmery peach; and Luscious Lani, a light pink champagne.

From l. to r.: Feisty Felicia, Caught in the Act Courtney, Shameless Shana

From l. to r.: Insane Jane, Mischievous Marissa, Just This Once Jamie

From l. to r.: Envious Erin, Devilish Danielle, Luscious Lani
Right off the back, you should know that none of these shades are new.  All of them have appeared in previous Shady Lady palettes.

Feisty Felicia, Insane Jane, Mischievous Marissa, Just This Once Jamie, and Devilish Danielle all appear in The Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette.

Shameless Shana and Luscious Lani appear in The Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette.

Envious Erin appears in The Shady Lady Vol. 3 Palette.

Caught in the Act Courtney appears in both The Shady Lady Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Palettes.

Given that all of the shadows are repeats, this palette probably isn't a good option for someone who already has one or more of the Shady Lady Palettes -- Vol. 2 in particular, since it has the most repeats.

(Unless of course you're a nut like me who has to collect all of The Balm's palettes.Then you'll absolutely want this one too.)

However, if you've held back from purchasing The Shady Lady Palettes because you prefer natural, everyday sort of shades and they sometimes had bolder or darker colors, this palette may be right up your alley.

Like all of The Balm's shadows, these are richly pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. There are no mattes in the palette, so you may need to add one or two for a complete eye look but otherwise you have everything you need to do a wide range of eye looks -- from subtle to smoky.

I'll also point out that the Shady Lady Special Edition Palette also contains two of my very favorite Balm shadows of all time, Devilish Danielle and Mischievous Marissa.

Yep, you guessed it.

Both are peachy/coppery shades.

I paid $19.50 for the palette at HauteLook, which is a steal for sure, but the original price was listed as $39.50 like all of the Shady Lady Palettes.

But you don't have to wait for the palette to show up HauteLook or The Balm's website -- I'm doing a giveaway for a Shady Lady Special Edition Palette so one lucky reader can enjoy it a little sooner.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below sharing what your favorite limited edition makeup product of all time is.

Here are the rules:

No anonymous comments are eligible since I have to be able to identify each entry and I’ll need a way to get in touch with you if you win - and you must follow the blog (through Google, Bloglovin or the email list) to enter.

I'm using Rafflecopter to make the giveaway a little easier on myself, so while the blog comment is mandatory for entry, you can get additional entries by following me on Twitter and tweeting about the giveaway. You'll also notice that for the first time you can get an additional entry by liking the There's Always Time for Lipstick page on Facebook -- yes, yes, I finally started one. I have no experience using FB, though, so I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. If you have any suggestions for what I should post on the FB page, feel free to share.

The giveaway is open to both U.S. and international readers. If you’re under 18, please get your parents’ permission to enter since you’ll have to give me your mailing address if you win. The giveaway will be open until 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, November 3, 2013.

Good luck!
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  1. Well I´m a huge fan of the Balm since I got my hands on Balm Jovi (and your review helped a lot to finally make me buy it), so I´m super excited to have a shot at winning this special Shady Lady Palette. :3

    As to your question... I think the Limited Edition product I cherish the most is my MAC MSF semi precious pearl. I´m still in love with it when I look at it and I can use it as a blush and a highlighter.

  2. I don't know that I've ever really used anything limited edition. If I'm aware something is limited edition before I buy it, I think I tend to subconciously stay away, because I'm too afraid of falling in love with something that won't be around for long!

  3. Mac lipstick in Viva glam Nicki !

  4. MAC lipstick in Force of Love :)

  5. Mac mineralized skin finish in Stereo Rose, or Mac lipstick in Love Goddess (from the Marilyn Monroe collection)

  6. I like LE of Mac's lipsticks. But they are always sold out.

  7. bare minerals brightening pearl mineral veil USED to be limited edition...cause it disappeared for awhile and I had to stock up on ebay, I LOVE that mineral veil...thank God it's back!!!

  8. MAC Private Party!

  9. Dont think i own any limited editions.... yet?
    Thanks, Radmila,

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    I don't believe I've owned any limited editions...LOVE the look of this one though. It has most all colors I would wear. (I have held back on previous Shady Lady palettes, since each would contain only 1 or 2 colors I would wear, or would look like a duplicate color I may already have.) I may have to hunt this one down...
    I have purchased a few BE kits as TSV's with items that were initially 'not available in stores', but eventually they were released.
    Thanks for your always helpful and fun reviews~

  11. Chanel Notorious Ombre Contrast / Sculpting Veil! it's magic!

  12. MAC Viva Glam Nicki!
    Laura Azevedo xx


  13. –––––––––––––– One of my fave limited edition makeup product is MAC's "Heroine" Lipstick . I love wearing purple lips , so that color is a must-have for me !

    Thank you for the chance ! :)

    --- Nicole O.

  14. My favorite limited edition product was MAC Viva Glam VI Special Edition lipstick. It was the perfect pink!

  15. I don't have all that many limited edition items, but one I really love is the The Fun Palette from Urban Decay.

  16. Hi there, thanks so much for reviewing this palette. I saw a few people posting about it and I was wanting to learn more about it.

    I would love to win this palette to try, I don't own any other palettes from The Balm. My favourite limited edition product is Urban Decay's Vice Palette! It's got such a gorgeous range of colors and finishes :)


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