Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review -- Tarte Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette

 I think it's pretty obvious at this point that I have a total weakness for natural eye shadow palettes.

Because seriously?  I have more than any one person needs... and yet I can't stop buying them.

So when a brand that I absolutely adore like Tarte comes out with one, I am a goner for sure.

The Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette is a nice, basic collection of natural eye shadow shades.

(Which is why I find the name somewhat of a misnomer.  I mean, when I hear exotic, I expect really bright or really dark colors... but maybe that's just me.)

Tarte Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette
In general, I'm a pretty big fan of Tarte's eye shadows. I can't say that they're the best that I've ever tried, but what I appreciate about them is how easy they are to work with. They're usually fairly muted shades so you don't have to worry about putting on too much.  They have a nice consistency -- not so soft that there's tons of fallout but not too hard that they go on chalky and streaky.

They don't usually have obnoxious glitter or shimmer either, so they're ideal for mature skin or anyone who isn't a fan in-your-face shimmer.

The Exotic Eyes Palette contains five shadows: Tahitian Sand, a matte ivory; Bahama Bronze, a shimmery light golden bronze; Turks & Caicos, a shimmery bronze taupe; Curacao Copper, a metallic reddish brown; and Brazilian Cocoa Bean, a matte dark brown.

Tarte Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette (l to r): first column - Tahitian Sand (top) & Bahama Bronze (bottom); Turks & Caicos; Curacao Copper; & Brazilian Coca Bean
It is a great collection of shadows for everyday, though Brazillian Cocoa Bean is dark enough that you can easily smoke up a look for evening.

My favorite shades are Turks & Caicos and Curacao Copper (which is really stunning on blue eyes), but honestly, I use all of the shades pretty regularly. Brazillian Cocoa Bean makes a great liner when you don't feel like busting out a pencil, gel or liquid liner, and Tahitian Sand is a lovely highlight shade, lid color or all over base shade.

Tarte Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette (l to r): first column - Tahitian Sand (top) & Bahama Bronze (bottom); Turks & Caicos; Curacao Copper; & Brazilian Coca Bean
The palette also comes with a double-sided card that features a detailed day and evening look on either side of the card.
Tarte Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette Day Look Instructions

Tarte Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette Night Look Instructions
The Exotic Eyes Palette is available exclusive from QVC and It retails for $36 (plus $5.22 s/h and tax) and you receive a total of 2.9 grams of product. 

As much as I love this palette, I don't really think that everyone needs to run out and buy it. It's ideal for anyone with mature skin who wants natural shadows with little shimmer and it's a great option for folks who are just getting started with makeup.

If you're a makeup enthusiast, though, you probably have shades like this in your collection already so you can pass.

Unless you're like me, of course, and just can't get enough of nice, natural shadow collections. Then, by all means, pick it up.  It's a great little collection of easy to wear eye shadows that you'll likely get plenty of use out of.

Are you tempted by the Tarte Exotic Eyes Palette?  What's your weakness -- natural eye shadow collections or bold colors?


  1. I´m just as bugged as you about the name... it´s definitely a nice nude palette - nothing exotiv but the animal skin design (maybe that´s it?).
    Nice swatches though! I would prefer this over that little Urban Decay nude palette. Just might not be as sturdy?

    Also - no need to justify your buys. ^^

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get the the name. I guess it could be referring to the animal skin design, but that seems a little lame, IMO. :P The UD Naked Basics does have plastic casing, so I guess it's sturdier but I always feel like plastic cases are much more likely to crack open if dropped. With the heavy cardboard packaging of the Tarte palette, I feel like it would absorb the impact a little better. I'm pretty clumsy, so I'll probably put that theory to the test one of these days. LOL

      I have to tell you - I totally feel like I need to justify some of my recent purchases to *myself*. I vowed that I would try to limit my eye shadow purchases this year since I already have so much, but I've totally fallen off the wagon recently. You'll see what I mean with some of my upcoming reviews. ;)

    2. xD that would be a really cool post though! The make-up that survives drops and frequent travelling! For me this is actually one of the things I pay attention to as well.

      You´re making me really curious about what´s to come on your blog! Personally I think it´s totally okay to buy stuff for yourself simply because you like the looks of it or whatever reasons. I mean especially in the beauty-bloggosphere it´s nothing unnormal. So as long as you don´t financially ruin yourself it´s all good - and if you end up dislinking some buys there´s always ebay.


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