Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review -- NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

I'm kind of obsessed with setting sprays.

But not because I expect them to actually set my makeup and make it last all day.

I have zero hope of any product ever doing that for my super crazy, makeup-eating skin.

Instead, I use setting sprays to mist my face when I'm done with my makeup to eliminate any powderiness or cakey-looking spots.

So I suppose you could say that what I really like are finishing sprays -- it's just that most cosmetic companies call them setting sprays.

Tomato, Tomahto, right?

The one that I always seem to come back to, time after time, is M.A.C.'s Fix +, which is my favorite finishing spray because in addition to taking away any powderiness, it always seems to add a subtle radiance to my skin too, which I love. It's also a total multi-purpose product (I use it for applying shadows wet or shadows as liners all the time) so I feel like I get a lot of bang for my buck with it.

When I saw the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray, I thought that it might be a good alternative to Fix +.

Honestly, they sucked me in with the word "Dewy."

Because that's what I want my face spray to do -- take away the powdery, cakey look and leave my face dewy and radiant.

NYX makes some other big claims for the product, namely that it shields your makeup from temperature variations, sweat, and air pollution. 

I haven't noticed any difference in how long my makeup lasts or how well it holds up with the Dewy Finish Setting Spray.  But in all fairness, no setting spray ever seems to have that effect on my skin as I've said.

The bigger issue for me may be the fact that alcohol is the second ingredient in the spray (Water's the first, FYI).  I've got normal to dry skin, though it's slightly oilier in the summer, and I'm always worried about products drying out my skin even further.  It also seems strange to me that a product that promises a dewy finish would include such a drying ingredient.

That said, I haven't actually noticed the product drying my skin out.

I've gone through an entire bottle and my skin hasn't really reacted at all.

(I do think it's worth pointing out, though, for folks who are sensitive to alcohol in their face products.)

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray Ingredients List
The spray definitely does eliminate any powdery look that I might have at the end of my application, but it doesn't really leave my skin looking particularly dewy or radiant, the way that Fix + seems to.

Still, it gets the job done and I like it enough to have purchased a second bottle just recently.

The spray retails for $7.99 at my local Ulta, and you receive 2.03 fluid ounces. That definitely makes it a cheaper alternative to Fix +, which costs $21 for 3.4 fluid ounces.  Adding in the fact that you can often get NYX BOGO-half off at Ulta, and it's an even better deal.

But I don't think I'm breaking up with M.A.C. Fix + for good -- I just like the way it makes my skin (makeup, really, I guess) looks a little better. I'll probably alternate between it and the NYX Dewy Setting Spray depending on the state of my bank account that month.

So I'd definitely recommend it if you're in the market for a finishing spray that can make you look a little less powdery or cakey after you finish applying your makeup.

Have you tried the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray?  What's your favorite setting or finishing spray?


  1. I love to use a spray to get the same result!! But I´ve only used thermal sprays from the apothecary so far. It´s cheaper than MAC and it does the job although it´s not exactly made for that purpose. :)

    1. Hey, whatever works, right? Especially if it's cheaper than Fix +. ;)

  2. I'm the same way with using sprays to get rid of the powdery finish. Setting sprays do seem to help me some, but I know they aren't good to use every day. Most days I just use rosewater to get rid of the powdery look.

    1. I should try rosewater since my skin can get pretty dry. Is their a particular brand that you would recommend?


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