Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Product Review -- Ace Beaute Paradise Collection Classical Paradise and Blossom Paradise Eyeshadow Palettes

About a year ago, I started seeing ads on Instagram for Ace Beaute and was definitely intrigued.

The ads were mainly for the Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette, which is certainly stunning -- but I hadn't really heard anything about the brand or the quality of their products at all and I kept dragging my feet about actually making a purchase.

Fast forward several months later, when the brand released the Paradise Eyeshadow Palette Collection and not only were these palettes all gorgeous but I saw plenty of positive reviews for them, which mean I couldn't risk trying them myself.

All of the palettes are lovely, but there were two that I could see myself using more than the others so I picked up the Classical Paradise Palette and the Blossom Passion Palette.

The palettes retail for $34.99 and are available on the Ace Beaute website.

They come in long, rectangular cardboard compacts that are decorated with beautiful artwork that sort of captures the color story going on inside. There is a mirror on the inside lid, but the palettes don't stay open by themselves so you need to prop it up against something if you want to use it to do your makeup.

Each palette contains 12 shadows that are a mix of matte, metallic, and shimmer shades.

Classical Paradise features a range of warm yellow, orange, red, and green shades. They include:
Rye, a matte tan; Barley, a metallic champagne; Sunflower, a metallic yellow gold; Maize, a warm mustard yellow; Golden Apple, a matte olive; Hay, a metallic light peach; Vegetation, a matte burnt orange; Earth, a matte burgundy eggplant; Harvest, a metallic copper brown; Clay, matte burgundy red; Mineral, a metallic warm pewter; and Soil, a matte deep reddish brown.

Ace Beaute Classical Paradise Palette

From l. to r.: Rye, Barley, Sunflower, Maize, Golden Apple, Hay

From l. to r.: Vegetation, Earth, Harvest, Clay, Mineral, Soil
Blossom Passion features a range of pink, red, and rose shades. They include: Gardenia, a matte light peach; Peony, a metallic light pink; Dahlia, a matte dusty pink; Carnation, a matte salmon pink; Orchid, a metallic light red; Red Rose, a matte true red; Eros, a metallic rosy pink; Love, a matte bright fuschia; Beauty, a matte hot pink; Lust, a matte deep plum; Seduction, a matte deep eggplant; and Desire, a matte fuschia.

Ace Beaute Blossom Passion Palette

From l. to r.: Gardenia, Peony, Dahlia, Carnation, Orchid, Red Rose

From l. to r.: Eros, Love, Beauty, Lust, Seduction, Desire
The shadow formula for these palettes is quite nice. All of the shadows are well-pigmented, so the shades are as rich or vibrant as they appear in the pan. The mattes are slightly drier than the metallic shades, but they still apply and blend easily. There was no learning curve involved in using them either -- I created looks that I loved the first time I played with each palette.

The staying power of the shadows is also excellent. I always use a primer, but these are nap-proof for me -- I can sleep for as long as an hour with these shadows on and they'll still look pretty fresh when I wake up. That's always the mark of a good shadow in my book.

In terms of the shade selection, I absolutely adore pink shadows and have come to really enjoy red shades too, but I think the Classical Paradise Palette may be my favorite. The warm yellows, oranges, reds, and greens are perfect for kind of grunge-y looks.

In particular, I've become obsessed with mustard-y shades over the past few months so I adore Maize. Barely is such a pretty brightening lid shade too.

In the Blossom Passion Palette, Peony, Dahlia, and Orchid stand out for me, but the entire palette is stunning if you're a fan of pink shadows.

I definitely recommend these palettes -- if these two shade selections aren't your cup of tea, there are two others, one with mainly purple and dark shades and another with bright shades.

Have you tried the Ace Beaute Paradise Collection Eyeshadow Palettes? Which one is your favorite?

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