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Product Review Roundup -- Tarte Hamptons Weekend Contour Palette, Park Avenue Princess Chisel Palette, Clay Play Volume II, Shape Your Moneymaker Eye & Cheek Palette, and Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette

I've purchased quite a few Tarte palettes in recent months, and instead of doing separate reviews on each and every one, I figured a product review roundup was a more efficient way to share my thoughts.

The first palette -- and the smallest -- is the Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette. It's only a little bit larger than a credit card, though considerably thicker, and it contains a blush, bronzer, and highlighter.  The packaging is made of sturdy cardboard, and its convenient size definitely makes it ideal for traveling.

Tarte Hamptons Weekend Contour Palette

Tarte Hamptons Weekend Contour Palette

The highlighter, Beach Getaway, is a shimmery pale gold shade, while the blush, Summer House, is a matte dusty rose. The bronzer or contour shade, Farmer's Market, is a matte tan. Personally, I find it a little too warm to use for contour, so I apply it like I would any other bronzer.

From l. to r.: Beach Getaway, Summer House, Farmer's Market
The palette retails for $23 on Tarte's website and at Sephora (it's actually on sale for $15 at Sephora as I post this), and I think it's worth it for anyone who travels regularly or wants a convenient face palette to carry in their bag.

The Park Avenue Princess Chisel Palette is a much larger contour palette, though it doesn't contain any blush or shimmery highlighters. The packaging is quite striking -- the compact has a metallic bronze and gold finish with a cool crocodile-like texture. It has a good weight to it, and contains a generously sized mirror inside.

Tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette
There are six products inside: Halo, a matte pink-toned ivory highlighter; Enhance, a matte yellow-toned ivory highlighter; Carat, a shimmery golden bronze; Princess Cut, a matte mid-tone bronze; Angle, a deeper matte brown; and Crown, a shimmery deep bronze.

From l. to r.: Halo, Enhance, Carat, Princess Cut, Angle, Crown

From l. to r.: Halo, Enhance, Carat, Princess Cut, Angle, Crown
All of the products in this palette perform just fine, but I suspect that if you already have a contour palette at home, there's nothing new here to add to your collection. I also feel like it's strange to include two shimmery bronze shades in a contour palette and not include at least one shimmery highlighter.

Considering the price tag on this one is a pretty steep -- $46 -- I would say that this is a palette that most could pass on.

If you don't have a contour palette that you like, though, you might want to check this one. You can find it on the Tarte website or at Sephora or Ulta.

The Clay Play Volume II Eye & Cheek Palette is a perfectly nice palette that's very similar to the original Clay Play Palette  -- a little too similar actually.

Tarte Clay Play Volume II Eye & Cheek Palette
Tarte Clay Play Volume II Eye & Cheek Palette
It contains nearly all the same shades as the original palette, though several have been changed from matte finishes to shimmer finishes. For me, that's actually an improvement because I don't do matte only looks all that often.

Tarte also replaced a matte black shade with a shimmery golden bronze -- and instead of including three large contour shades for the face at the bottom of the pan, they put a blush, bronzer, and shimmery highlighter in the palette.

From l. to r.: Journey, Stone, Solistice
From l. to r.: Dunes, Smoke, Sand

From l. to r.: Ember, Onyx, Instinct

From l. to r.: Terracotta, Desert, Timber

It's a nice palette, but if you have the first Clay Play Palette, I'd advise skipping this one.  If you don't have the original and like shimmery shades, this palette is worth a shot.

It retails for $46 on the Tarte website or at Sephora and Ulta. (If you're interested in the palette, it's on sale for just $23 at Sephora right now.)

If you like the idea of the Clay Play Volume II Palette but prefer something a little smaller, the Shape Your Moneymaker Eye & Cheek Palette is a good alternative.

Tarte Shape Your Moneymaker Eye & Cheek Palette
The palette comes in a plastic compact with a metallic gold and purple pattern. There's a good size mirror inside too. The palette includes six eyeshadows, a highlighter, and a contour shade.

Tarte Shape Your Moneymaker Eye & Cheek Palette
The shades are: Flex, a shimmery rose gold highlighter; Cut, a shimmery champagne shadow; Snatched, a shimmery copper; Tone Up, a shimmery cool bronze; Slim, a matte deep contour shade; Trainer, a matte beige; Cardio, a matte chestnut; and Reps, a matte warm brown.

From l. to r.: Flex, Cut, Snatched, Tone Up

From l. to r.: Slim, Trainer, Cardio, Reps
All of the products in this palette are quite nice, and considering it retails for just $32, it's worth checking out if you want an eye palette that offers highlight and contour shades (though it should be pointed out that there's no blush shade in the palette).

It's available on the Tarte Website and at Ulta.

The final Tarte palette I've tried recently is the Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette. It's probably the most fun of all these palettes, but also the one I'll get the least use out of.

First of all, the packaging is stunning. The front of the compact is covered with textured blue and green faux rocks and beads.

Tarte Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette
The palette contains four cream shadows: Gold Coast, a shimmery champagne; Sailor's Delight, a shimmery wine; Sea Glass, a shimmery golden bronze; and Stargazer, which is actually a split pan that includes a chunky golden glitter shade and a chunky silver glitter shade.

Tarte Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette

From l. to r.: Gold Coast, Sailor's Delight, Sea Glass, Stargazer
The idea behind the palette is that you apply the three main cream shadow shades with a finger and then apply one of the glittery topcoats on top to change the look. But applying the shadows with your finger doesn't allow for much precision and doesn't make for the best blending either. If I want to use any of the shades in the crease, I do use a synthetic shadow brush because it's much easier that way.

The Seaglass topcoat shades are very pretty, and you can get a cool effect with them, but the glitter winds up on your cheeks big time. I've gotten several really pretty looks with the palette, but it's really only usable for me for evenings out, which limits its usefulness.

If you like bold, glittery looks, though, it may be worth checking out. It retails for $39 on the Tarte website and at Sephora.

Have you tried any of these Tarte palettes? Which ones are your favorites?

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