Monday, May 21, 2018

Product Review -- The Balm Take Home The Bronze Anti-Orange Bronzer

Being as fair as I am, bronzer is always a tricky product for me.

Nine times out of ten, the bronzer is either too dark or too orange to work with my skin tone, so it's not a product that I necessarily wear every day.

Sure, there are some days when I like a little extra warmth in my face or want to give it a little more shape without hardcore contouring, and I reach for one my favorite bronzers (the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Milk Chocolate Bronzer, Benefit Hoola Light, and a limited edition MAC bronzer that's no longer available anymore are my usual go-to's), but in general, bronzer just isn't a makeup item that I get excited about.

But I was pretty interested in trying out The Balm's new Take Home The Bronze because not only is it available in three shades, so there would likely be an option light enough for me, but the bronzer's mission statement is right in its product description -- it's designed to be an anti-orange bronzer.

Sign me up!

The bronzer comes in a small cardboard compact that's similar in size and shape to The Balm's Instain Blushes. It features adorable artwork that's meant to represent an Oscar or another entertainment award. You get 7.08 grams of product, which is slightly less than the usual 8 grams that other bronzers seem to provide.

TheBalm Take Home the Bronze
The bronzer itself has a very nice formula. It is pigmented but still mostly sheer, so it doesn't look like you're rubbing dirt over your face. It also has a smooth consistency that blends easily across the skin -- if you do make the mistake of applying too much, it's very easy to buff it out with a powder brush too, so it never looks like too much.

I obviously purchased Take Home The Bronze in the lightest shade, which was known as Oskar at the time that I purchased it but has apparently since been renamed Oliver. It is available in a medium shade, Thomas, and a deep shade, Greg.

TheBalm Take Home the Bronze in Oskar/Oliver

TheBalm Take Home the Bronze in Oskar/Oliver

Oliver is an ideal depth for my very pale skin, and as The Balm promises, there isn't even a hint of orange in the shade. It's a very neutral brown or tan shade, so I imagine that it would work well with most skin tones.

I've used the bronzer as a crease shade for my eye looks when I'm in a hurry too, and it works beautifully for that.

Best of all, it only costs $17.50, which is a pretty good value, considering that most higher end bronzers run about $30.

If you've had trouble finding a bronzer that doesn't make you look like an Oompa Loompa, I definitely recommend checking out Take Home The Bronze.

You can purchase it on The Balm's website.

Have you tried The Balm Take Home The Bronze Anti-Orange Bronzer? What's your go-to bronzer?

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