Monday, September 4, 2017

Product Review -- Dose of Colors Eyes Cream Palette

I fell in love with the Dose of Colors Eyes Cream Palette pretty much the first moment that I saw a photo of it on Instagram.

At the time, I'd never tried anything from Dose of Colors, and I thought of them primarily as a brand that made lip products. 

But the Eyes Cream Palette had such a fun theme and was full of such pretty and unusual colors that I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I didn't buy it right away, though, because I didn't think that I had enough creativity and skill to really pull off looks with the shades in the palette -- and then by the time that I decided it would be fun to play around and challenge myself with, the palette was sold out and I thought I'd lost my chance.

Because the Eyes Cream Palette is actually limited edition, and I figured that it had been taken out of rotation.

Recently, though, it turned back up on the Dose of Colors website, and I jumped at the chance to pick it up.
(It is still limited edition, and supposedly when it sells out this time, that's it for good. So if you're considering it, you may want to pick it up sooner rather than later.)

The palette comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging, and as its name implies, has an ice cream theme. The artwork features a fun polka dot pattern and ice cream scoop design, and all of the shades have ice cream inspired names.

Dose of Colors Eyes Cream Palette
There is a small mirror inside that would for touch-ups, and a pink and white striped design. 

The palette contains 10 shades: Berries N' Cream, a matte pale pink; Mint Chip, a shimmery mint green; Sherbet, a shimmery copper; Cone, a matte mauve; Hot Fudge, a matte dark chocolate brown; Banana Split, a shimmery yellow gold; Blueberry Swirl, a matte pinky purple; Bubblegum, a shimmery bubblegum pink; Lavender Honey, a matte lavender; and Double Scoop, a shimmery bronzey-brown.

Dose of Colors Eyes Cream Palette
The shadows in the palette have a very nice formula. The shimmery shades are extremely pigmented, and have a smooth, creamy texture that applies and blends very well. The matte shades are slightly drier texture, but they're still very pigmented and blend well. 

I love the color selection, which pairs some warm tones with fun pastel-y pops of color. It's one of those palettes that you definitely have to think about a little more to put looks together, and yet, every look I've done with it has somehow turned out beautifully. 

It's kind of amazing.

From l. to r.: Berries N' Cream, Mint Chip, Sherbet, Cone, Hot Fudge

From l. to r.: Banana Split, Blueberry Swirl, Bubblegum, Lavender Honey, Double Scoop

I am absolutely obsessed with Cone as a transition or crease shade depending on your skin tone, and Mint Chip, Bubblegum, and Lavender Honey are just so fun whether you want to wear them all over the lid or just smudge them beneath your eye. 

The palette retails for $50, which is somewhat pricey, so I wouldn't say this is a must-have for every makeup collection.

If you want a palette that's quick and easy, this probably isn't it.

If you want a palette that pushes you to be a little more creative and try new looks, the Eyes Cream Palette is definitely worthy of consideration.

I love mine, and I am so happy that I bit the bullet and picked it up. 

You can purchase the palette on the Dose of Colors website.

Have you tried the Dose of Colors Eyes Cream Palette? Which shades are your favorites?

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