Friday, September 15, 2017

Product Review -- bareMinerals Bare Pro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation

bareMinerals Original Loose Mineral Foundation was one of the first "high end" foundations that I ever bought for myself.

I was in college, and after seeing a few too many presentations of it on QVC, I ordered it, and for a few years, I wore it pretty much exclusively.

So a few years ago when they came out with their first liquid foundation, Bare Skin Serum Foundation, I couldn't wait to try -- and it's a pretty good foundation. I still wear it quite a bit, though the coverage is more natural to light, so there are times when it isn't quite enough.

Which is why I was super excited to hear that they were coming out with another liquid foundation, the bareMinerals Bare Pro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation.

The Bare Pro is meant to a full coverage, naturally matte foundation with 24 hour wear.

It comes in a heavy glass bottle with a matte black cap. It also has a pump dispenser, which makes it easy to get out just the right amount.

bareMinerals Bare Pro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation
bareMinerals Bare Pro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation
In terms of its performance, well, spoiler alert: I am absolutely in love.

The foundation has a thin consistency, but its texture is very creamy so it blends easily into the skin.

I'm not entirely sure I would classify this as full coverage -- I have one dark freckle that still peeks through when I'm wearing it -- but it's pretty damn close.

Like a full coverage foundation for everyday, maybe?

It covers nearly everything but doesn't look or feel heavy at all.

I think "natural matte" is a good description of the finish -- it isn't dewy in the slightest, but it doesn't look dry or flat at all.

It's oil-free and has an SPF20, too.

The foundation isn't drying or hydrating, so I feel like it would work for almost all skin types except extremely oily or extremely dry.

Oh, as far as the 24 hour wear goes? Personally, I think that's marketing BS -- is there any foundation in the world that could last that long? And why would anyone want it to?

It does last "all day" for me, though, which probably amounts to 9 or 10 hours without any issue.

I purchased the foundation in the lightest shade, Fair 01, and it's a pretty good match for my fair skin. It's probably a tinge too yellow, but it's not noticeable when blended out.

bareMinerals Bare Pro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation in Fair 01
The foundation is available in 30 shades all together, so it seems like it's a fairly good range for all skin tones.

All in all, I am a pretty big fan of this foundation. It's definitely become one of my go-to's in the month or so that I've had it.

It retails for $34, and is available on the bareMinerals website, Sephora, and Ulta.

Have you tried the new bareMinerals Bare Pro Foundation? Are you a fan?

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