Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Product Review -- MAC Eyeshadow X 15: Cool Neutral Palette

It's been quite some time since I did any real shopping at MAC.

There's really no reason for that -- I did get a little worn out by how frequently they seem to introduce limited edition collection over the past five years or so, but there are still a lot of great products in the permanent line that I enjoy so I have no real issues with the brand.

So recently, I was poking around their site and came across a product that I've actually been interested in for a while -- the MAC Eyeshadow X 15: Cool Neutral Palette.

I absolutely love warm eyeshadows because they're also so rich and intense, and they make my blue eyes pop like nobody's business. But every brand and their mother has put out some sort of "warm neutrals" (I've mentioned before, but it's a bit of pet peeve of mine to call shades "warm neutrals" or "cool neutrals." By definition, neutrals don't lean warm or cool. I know the brands are probably trying to convey that they're more natural shades but it irks me all the same. I can be petty like that.) so I have more than my fair share of warm shadow palettes at this point.

I feel like finding cool toned shadows that aren't bold purples or blues is a little bit tougher so the idea of a "cool neutrals" palette sounds pretty perfect to me.

As its name implies, the MAC Eyeshadow X 15: Cool Neutral Palette contains 15 eyeshadows. It comes in a very sturdy black plastic compact that is identical to the customizable palettes that you can purchase from MAC. (You're unable to take the individual shadow pans out of the palette, though, so keep that in mind.) The lid of the palette is clear so you can see all of the shades inside.

MAC Eyeshadow X 15: Cool Neutral Palette
The shades in the palette are: Flounce, a matte pale pink; Sweet Allure, a pale pink satin; Sun Tweaked, a pale peach frost; After Dusk, a rosy pink pearl; Blackberry, a matte plum brown; Pick Me Up, a matte pale ivory; Cozy Grey, a matte cool gray; Crushed Clove, a medium bronze frost; Deception, a chocolate gold frost; Brun, a muted black brown satin; Silver Fog, a white with silver pearl lustre; French Clay, a white gray frost; Cumulus, a dirty gray charcoal frost; Pearled Earth, a deep blue gray veluxe pearl; and Black Tied, a black with silver sparkle velvet.

MAC Eyeshadow X 15: Cool Neutral Palette
FYI -- some of the shades in the palette, such as Blackberry and Black Tied, are part of MAC's permanent line. However, most of the other shades seems to be exclusive to the palette.

From l. to r.: Flounce, Sweet Allure, Sun Tweaked, After Dusk, Blackberry

From l. to r.:  Pick Me Up, Cozy Grey, Crushed Clove, Deception, Brun

From l. to r.: Silver Fog, French Clay, Cumulus, Pearled Earth, Black Tied
While I am really enjoying this palette, it's not exactly perfect.

First of all, there are a couple of shades that don't seem particularly cool to me, such as Sun Tweaked and Crushed Clove. I actually like both shades quite a bit, but it seems strange to include them in a cool neutral palette.

Second of all, the palette lacks any real mid-tone matte shades, which I think would be helpful for transition or crease shades, depending on your skin tone.

And finally, there are a couple of shades with a lackluster formula, such as Cozy Grey and Silver Fog. Both shadows feel creamy enough, but they don't have much pigment so they're fairly frustrating to work with.

All that said, this palette is ideal for days when you want a soft, natural eye look with cool undertones. It works well for gray-based looks, but there are some rose and purple tones in it as well if you want a slightly more feminine look.

This probably isn't a must-have palette for everyone, but if you are a fan of cool-toned eye looks that are more soft and subtle, I think this is a great option to check out.

The palette retails for $65 on the MAC website, MAC stores and counters, and anywhere else you can buy MAC products.

I almost forgot! That includes Ulta these days.

Have you tried the MAC Eyeshadow X 15: Cool Neutral Palette? Are you a fan?

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