Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Product Review -- Benefit Cheek Parade Bronzer and Blush Palette

When it comes to blushes, bronzers, and other cheek products, Benefit is definitely at the top of the class.

Their Rockateur Blush is one of my favorite blushes ever made -- it's just the perfect rose gold shade and pairs well with so many different eye and lip looks that I wind up wearing it a ton.

I also love Hervana and Coralista, so let's suffice it to say that I have a fairly large collection of Benefit's boxed blushes.

Still, whenever they put out their blush and bronzer palettes, I'm always a tempted, even though they are usually duplicates for blushes I already have. But I've never tried Benefit's famous Hoola Bronzer, which is usually included in the palettes -- and I don't know that I need a full size of it because it seems pretty dark and my skin is so fair -- so I find myself thinking that it might be worth it to pick one up.

Well, their newest blush and bronzer palette, the Benefit Cheek Parade, was the one that finally reeled me in because not only does it contain Hoola, it also features the newer Hoola Lite, which is probably a better fit for my pale skin, and Benefit's newest blush shade.

Obviously, I couldn't turn it down.

The palette comes in sturdy cardboard packaging with adorable vintage artwork on the lid. Inside, there is a decent size mirror, but the palette doesn't stay open by itself so you have to lean it against something if you want to use it to do your makeup.

Benefit Cheek Parade Bronzer and Blush Palette
The palette contains five full size -- yes, you read that right; all of the products in the palette are actually full size -- cheek products and a small, thin sort of kabuki style brush (which comes with all of the Benefit boxed cheek products). The products include: Hoola, a matte medium brown bronzer; Galifornia, a golden pink blush with satin finish; Rockateur, a rose gold blush with a satin finish; Hoola Lite, a matte light brown bronzer; and Dandelion, a matte baby pink blush.

Benefit Cheek Parade Bronzer and Blush Palette
In terms of formula and pigmentation, Benefit really does have it down when it comes to blushes and bronzers. All of the products in this palette are nicely pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend, so they're very easy to apply.

From l. to r.: Hoola, Galifornia, Rockateur

From l. to r.: Hoola Lite, Dandelion
As it turns out, Hoola isn't necessarily too dark for my skin. If I use a light hand and a duo-fiber brush, it works perfectly for days when I want my bronzer to be a little bolder. What I like about the shade is that while it adds warmth, it doesn't have any orange undertones, which really don't work with my fair skin.

Hoola Lite, though, is ideal for my fair skin for everyday wear. It add just the perfect amount of subtle warmth so my face looks healthy and natural. Like the original Hoola, it doesn't have any orange undertones either.

If you have medium or darker skin, I'm not sure how much use you'd get out of Hoola Lite. You might be able to use it as an all-over face powder or to set concealer under the eyes, but that depends on your skin tone.

Galifornia is another lovely addition to the Benefit boxed blush line. It is bright golden pink that blends out so nicely that it doesn't look too garish on my fair skin. Because it's bright, though, I think it will still show up on medium and darker skin tones.

I've already expressed my deep, abiding love for Rockateur. I will say that there is a slight difference between my individual version and the one in the palette -- the one in the palette seems to be more rose, while my single appears to have more warm gold undertones. I only notice when they're swatched side by side, though, so they're pretty close.

 Dandelion is another Benefit boxed face product that I've gotten around to picking up on its own. Benefit actually describes it as a brightening face powder rather than a blush. In my opinion, it's way too pink and pigmented to use as an all-over face powder, but I imagine it would work nicely for folks with darker skin tones. I think it's a lovely, subtle blush that's perfect for everyday wear.

If you don't have any Benefit boxed face product or only have a couple, I definitely think this palette is worth picking up. All of the products are lovely and full sized. It retails for $58, but if you bought each of the products by themselves, you'd pay $145 -- and again, these are full size products.

I will point out that the powders have a fairly strong scent to them, so if you're sensitive to fragrances that might be an issue for you. I would describe as a floral-y scent and it's not my favorite, but I really only smell it when I'm applying the products -- I don't smell it when I'm actually wearing the blushes or bronzers.

You can purchase the palette on the Benefit website, at Sephora, or at Ulta.

Have you tried the Benefit Cheek Parade Bronzer and Blush Palette? Which Benefit boxed powder is your favorite?

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