Monday, March 27, 2017

Product Review -- Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher

I've tried quite a few baked products over the years, and usually, I love the glowy, luminous quality that they seem to have.

However, I've found that more budget-friendly baked products can sometimes wind up being pretty sheer -- and lackluster as a result.

Still, I was curious to try the Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blushers all the same -- mainly because they're clearly inspired by the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blushes and I was wondering how they would compare.

Like the Too Faced blush, the Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher comes in a heart-shaped cardboard box, which is very cute -- it's the kind of makeup item that you don't mind sitting out on your vanity or counter. Inside, there's a plastic heart-shaped pan that holds the blush.

Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts
The Too Faced packaging does seem sturdier, but the Makeup Revolution version seems like it should hold up fine.

The Triple Baked Blusher has three stripes of different colored blush in a single pan, but it's more the kind of product that you'd swirl your brush through all of the shades rather than trying to dip into a single color because the individual stripes are pretty narrow.

Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts

I purchased the blush in Candy Queen of Hearts, which is a pretty light pink shade. It doesn't have any obvious or chunky glitter, but it definitely has a pretty glow. You could skip highlighter when you're using this blush (I don't... I want to be as glowy as is possible.)

It blends easily into the skin, so it's very easy to apply.

The blush is somewhat on the sheer side, but you can layer it so it builds up for a more intense look.

Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts swatch

Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts individual shade swatches

I will say that because the blush is a light shade and somewhat sheer, it probably isn't the best option for darker skins. It might make a pretty highlighter for deeper skin tones, though.

But for me, with my very fair skin, this blush is a pretty everyday shade -- and because I like my skin to look super luminous, I appreciate the glowy finish quite a bit.

How does it stack up to the Too Faced Sweethearts Blush?

Well, the Too Faced version is more pigmented for sure -- however, not enough that I think it's worth it to pay $30 for the it versus only $7 for the Makeup Revolution.

Particularly when you consider that you get 5.5 grams of product in the Too Faced blush and 10 grams with the Makeup Revolution version.

I would definitely go with the Triple Baked Blusher instead.

It comes in three different shades, with the other two being more peachy colors. (I suspect I'll be picking up the other shades sooner or later...)

You can purchase the blush on Ulta's website and it looks like it's also available at Superdrug in the U.K.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher? What's your go-to blush these days?

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