Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Product Review -- Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eye Shadow Palette

I put the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eye Shadow Palette on my holiday wish list as soon as I saw the first promo images of it.

I love the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes and the shades looked like they were right up my alley, so it seemed like a no-brainer.

Of course, about a minute after that, I started to see some pretty awful reviews of the White Chocolate Chip Palette, and I started to rethink my need for it.

But I'd already told some friends and family members who were looking for gift ideas for me, so I just decided to let it be.

That's a long way of saying that when I wound up with White Chocolate Chip Palette, I didn't exactly have high hopes for it.

Maybe that's why I have a more favorable opinion of it than most of the reviews I've seen.

The palette is essentially a smaller version of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes, with the same cocoa scent. It comes in a white plastic compact, which has a decent size mirror inside when you consider that palette's overall size.

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eye Shadow Palette

The palette contains 11 shadows: Glaze, a matte ivory; Ambrosia, a matte pale pink; Exotica, a metallic pink champagne; Pearl Candy, a metallic white with silver micro-glitter; Raspberry Rose, a shimmery pale pink with a golden sheen; Indulge, a metallic purple-y taupe; Guilt-Free, a matte lilac; Cake Batter, a matte pinky tan; Cookie Dough, a matte light brown with gold micro-glitter; Sugared Raisin, a metallic lilac; and Black Sugar, a matte black with silver micro-glitter.

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eye Shadow Palette
Besides Black Sugar, all of the shadows in the palette are fairly light and there isn't much contrast between the shades. That makes it a problem for medium and darker skin tones because it's that much harder for the shadows to actually show up.

To compound the issue, these are definitely not the best shadows that Too Faced has ever made.

The metallic and shimmery shades are mostly fine, though one or two, such as Pearl Candy, feel a little gritty. The matte shades are a little dry and somewhat sheer, so they're somewhat harder to work with, for sure.
From l. to r.: Glaze, Ambrosia, Exotica

From l. to r.: Pearl Candy, Raspberry Rose, Indulge, Guilt-Free

From l. to r.: Cake Batter, Cookie Dough, Sugared Raisin, Black Sugar

I will say, however, that this is palette is definitely a case where the shadows look better on the eyes than they do when you just swatch them on your hand.

I've used it for several different looks, and I've liked every one that I've done, though they've been fairly subtle and soft.

The palette is also very small so you can easily stash it in any bag (or even a pocket), which makes it great for taking with you on the go.

That said, this definitely isn't a palette that everyone needs.

If you have fair skin, prefer soft eyeshadow shades, or are new to makeup, I would recommend checking it out in person.

If you have medium or darker skin, prefer bolder eyeshadow shades, or already have a large makeup collection, I would recommend passing on  it.

The palette retails for $26, and is available on the Too Faced website, at Sephora, Ulta, or anywhere you can purchase Too Faced products.

Have you tried the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip eye Shadow Palette? Are you a fan?

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