Monday, July 13, 2015

Review -- Too Faced Natural Matte Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

Once upon a time, I would have sworn that I hated matte shadow.

Too boring, I thought.

But any time an all matte palette comes out these days, I can't get my grubby little fingers on it fast enough.

I've totally fallen in love with (good) matte shadows.

That's why I knew I just had to have Too Faced's Natural Matte Neutral Eye Shadow Collection.

I have the original Too Faced Matte Eye Palette (it was actual one of the first all matte palettes I ever bought) and it is one of my all-time favorites. The shadows are smooth and creamy, not the least bit chalky, so they're extremely easy to work with and apply.

I was hoping that the new Natural Matte Palette would be more of the same -- but I actually think Too Faced may have improved the formula a bit.

The original Matte Eye Palette contains mainly cool toned shades, such as navy, gray, and plum, but the new Natural Matte Palette definitely leans toward the warmer end of the spectrum. It comes in a rectangular metal compact like all of Too Faced's palettes in this style, and features a card with three different eye looks on the inside. Behind the pamphlet, there's an extremely small mirror.

Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette

Inside, you receive nine matte shadows -- three of the shadows contain 2 grams of product, while the other six offer up 0.9 grams.

Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette

Too Faced took the shades from their Natural Eye Palette and came up with matte versions, so the shadows include: Heaven, a creamy beige; Cashmere Bunny, a mid-tone taupe; Sexspresso, a dark chocolate brown; Lace Teddy, a soft peach; Strapless, a mid-tone brown with rosy undertones; Risque, a dark brown with gray undertones; Nudie, a light tan; Honey Butter, a mid-tone peach with brown undertones; and Chocolate Cookie, a mid-tone reddish brown.

From l. to r.: Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexspresso

From l. to r.: Lace Teddy, Strapless, Risque

From l. to r.: Nudie, Honey Butter, Chocolate Cookie
Like the original Matte Eye Palette, the Natural Matte Palette's shadows are smooth, creamy, and easy to blend -- they actually feel a bit smoother and creamier to me. They're all nicely pigmented too, so they're definitely easy to apply.

There's only one shade that's a bit disappointing, Strapless -- it's not quite as pigmented as the rest of the shadows, which is a real bummer because it may be my favorite shade in the entire palette (I'm obsessed with rosy brown makeup these days).

What's great about the palette is that there are plenty of looks that you can do with just it, but it also makes a nice complementary palette if you have shimmery shadows that you want to pair with matte options for a more balanced look.

I would definitely recommend the palette if you're in the market for matte shadows and enjoy warm-toned shades. (If you're looking for a cool-toned palette, go with the original Too Faced Matte Eye Palette instead.)

It retails for $36 and is available at Sephora, Ulta, and Too Faced's website.

Have you tried the Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Shadow Collection? Which shades are your favorites? What's your favorite matte palette?


  1. The swatches remind me of the naked basics by urban decay... but the too faced packaging is of course so much cuter. :)
    Out of all the all-matte palettes you own, wich one would you recommend getting the most? So far I think I don´t own an all matte palette...

    1. They are similar to the shades in Naked Basics, but they lean toward the warmer end of the spectrum. Naked Basics is more neutral.

      If I was recommending a matte palette, I think I'd go with Viseart Neutral Matte -- I just picked this one up a month or so ago, so I haven't had a chance to review it yet, but it is lovely. The shadows are so smooth, creamy, and pigmented. It is very pricey, though -- $80 here in the U.S.

      My more reasonably-priced option would be The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette -- the mattes are smooth and pigmented and easy to apply. And it's nearly half the price of the Viseart at $42. :)


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