Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review -- It Cosmetics CC+ Eye Color Correcting Concealer

I am a big fan of pretty much every It Cosmetics product that I've tried.

In particular, I find the face products to be particularly impressive. The Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream is one of my favorite everyday foundation products. I love the Bye Bye Pores Micro Powder is my go-to finishing powder for warmer weather, and when I really need to hide dark circles or other imperfections, the Bye Bye Under Eyes Concealer never fails me.

That's why I was so excited to try the CC+ Eye Color Correcting Concealer. While Bye Bye Under Eye delivers serious coverage, I don't necessarily need that everyday -- CC+ Eye is a terrific alternative for days when you want something lighter.

It Cosmetics promotes the product as an anti-aging serum, moisturizing eye cream, eye brightening serum, skin perfecting primer, color corrector, sunscreen (SPF50), and a full coverage concealer.

Those are some serious claims -- and it's hard to verify some of them because you'd have to be using the product for a while to see results.

Personally, I'm judging the product based solely on its concealing ability -- and the sunscreen. I like the idea of my concealer having a substantial SPF.

CC+ Eye comes in a squeeze tube with a metal dispenser tip that's meant to have a cooling effect as you apply the product. I find that it's pretty easy to dispense just the right amount, but you do have to be careful not to squeeze too hard.

It Cosmetics CC+ Eye Color Correcting Concealer

It Cosmetics CC+ Eye Color Correcting Concealer
It definitely has a thinner, more lightweight consistency than the Bye Bye Under Eye, so it blends easily under the eye and doesn't settle in fine lines or wrinkles.

Given its texture, I'd say it offers surprisingly good coverage -- though I don't feel it's the full coverage that It Cosmetics boasts. I'd classify it as medium, so it covers most moderate circles. If you have extremely dark circles, though, I think you'd need to pair CC+ Eye with a color corrector to really get rid of the darkness.

In terms of wear-time, I find that it lasts pretty much all day without significant creasing. I am in the habit of setting all my concealers, which means I've never worn this all its own so I don't know how long it would last without some type of powder over it.

I purchased it in the lightest shade, Fair, and I find that it's a good match for my pale skin. (FYI -- it is slightly more yellow-toned than the Fair shade in the Bye Bye Under Eye, though.)

It Cosmetics CC+ Eye Color Correcting Concealer in Fair

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this concealer. I'd definitely recommend it for people who want a nice lightweight product that can cover light to moderate dark circles.

It retails for $29, and is available at the It Cosmetics website, QVC (with a brush), and Ulta.

Have you tried the It Cosmetics CC+ Eye Color Correcting Concealer? Are you a fan? What's your favorite under eye concealer?


  1. it cosmetics seems like a really amazing brand - every time I check out their website I find something interesting (like that gradient blush). The cc concealer looks really nice.
    Right now I´m actually using that elf concealer that was in the box you send me! It´s really nice and light and also slightly yellowish to correct any kind of dark circles. :D

    1. It Cosmetics had definitely become one of my favorite brands. I just picked up that gradient blush you mentioned, so there should be a review shortly. :)

      I like that elf concealer a lot too. It's such a nice consistency so you don't have to worry too much about creasing and all that -- and it really does a great job of brightening up under the eyes. And it's only like $3 so it's a serious value!

    2. Well in that case I´ll get excited for your blush review! I´m such a sucker for gradient product you have no idea.


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