Monday, July 21, 2014

Review -- Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

Note: My apologies for disappearing for the past week. Charlie was neutered last week, so I was all about making sure he took it easy during his recovery (which didn't really happen because he is constantly jumping, playing or getting into some type of trouble or other). He's pretty much back to normal now, though, so I should be back on schedule this week. I've got a ton of reviews coming up for products that I'm really excited about -- this one included. 

When you're a beauty junkie like I am, you don't have too many qualms about spending a little extra for a quality product.

But there's always something seriously satisfying when you find an inexpensive product that delivers just as well as its high end counterparts.

Particularly when it's a foundation.

Because let's face, finding a good foundation is always tricky business.

Now, my skin is usually normal to dry so it doesn't get on too well with matte foundations. They can look cakey, cling to dry patches, and just make my face look too flat. That's why, as a rule, I prefer foundations with a dewy or luminous finish.

In the summer, though, the rules change a bit. My skin gets a little more oily and I sweat at the drop of a hat, so a foundation with a matte finish works much better for me -- and can usually last a little longer than my usual moisturizing foundations.

For the past few years, the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation has been one of my favorites for summer, particularly when I want my skin to look flawless for a special occasion.

So when I read some reviews of the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation and saw that it was being compared to the Tarte, I decided that I had to give it a try.

Because it's only $4.99.


I paid $4.99 for it at my local CVS.

Compared to the $38 price tag on the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, it's a serious, serious steal.

*If* it performs similarly anyway.

And the good news is that it totally does.

The Rimmel Stay Matte comes in a squeeze tube just like the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. It has a pretty thick consistency, but it's extremely creamy so it blends easily into the skin.

And even though it's thick, it has a really lightweight feel on the skin so it's really comfortable to wear in the summer when you don't want to feel heavy makeup on your face.

The finish is definitely matte, but it's not a dry, chalky matte finish that looks flat skin. This foundation actually looks pretty natural when it's blended into the skin, even though it does a pretty effective job of controlling shine.

The coverage is excellent too. It's not quite as full as the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, but it covers a lot.

I've applied it with my fingers, a brush, and a Beauty Blender, and I find that I like the finish I get with a brush the best. Because my skin isn't super oily, I don't powder the foundation unless I really need it to last all day.  If you have very oily skin, though, I would recommend setting it.

I purchased the foundation in the lightest shade, 010 Light Porcelain, and it's a really good match for super fair skin. One of the best I've found at the drugstore actually.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain
If I'm honest, I think I like the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation a little bit better -- the finish and coverage are just a little more impressive -- but considering the significant gap in price and how well it performs, I'll probably repurchase the Rimmel London Stay Matte instead of the Tarte.

I mean, $33 bucks is a significant savings, right?

If you've been wanting to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation or have been looking for a cheaper alternative, I definitely recommend checking out the Rimmel Stay Matte. The only problem that you might encounter is finding the right shade match -- the Rimmel foundation only comes in 8 shades, while the Tarte is available in 16.

Have you tried the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation? Are you a fan? What's your favorite foundation for summer?


  1. The colour looks really nice and for that price you can´t really complain. There´s really something very satisfying about finding cheap and good products like that right? :D
    Sadly Rimmel complete withdrew from german drugstores a few years ago. No clue why. Back then I had only eyes for their lipsticks though. ^^;

    1. It's always fantastic when an inexpensive product turns out to be fabulous. I've been living in this stuff this week because it's been hot here in NY and I get sweaty pretty much two seconds after I step outside. :P That stinks about Rimmel not being available in Germany.


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