Monday, July 28, 2014

Review -- LORAC Pro Eye Shadow Palette 2

I'm a makeup fiend -- anyone who reads this blog knows that is the truth.

But my self-control and will power are especially low when it comes to eye shadow palettes.

Which is really silly when you think about it because powdered products last so long and when you've got a ton of shadows, you're not likely to hit pan on very many of them and really how many completely unique shades show up in a single palette.

But still, every time new palettes comes out, I'm practically throwing my money at the company and begging them to take it.

I've been a little better lately -- I've loved the looks of the new Too Faced palettes like the Nashville Nudes and Rock n Roll collections, but I resisted because I know I probably have more than a few dupes for those shadows in my collection already.

When it came to the LORAC Pro Eye Shadow Palette 2, I went back and forth a few times.

Initially, I was certain that I had to have it. Then I thought that maybe it wasn't a necessity. Then I went back to needing it desperately before being certain I could live without it.

In the end, I caved and picked it up -- mainly because I love the original Pro Palette so much and use it quite a bit and the colors in the second palette really spoke to me.

Like the original Pro Palette, the Pro Palette 2 comes in simple cardboard packaging that's extremely slim and easy to store. However, while the original Pro Palette is black, the second is gray.  There's small mirror on the inside that I think is large enough to do your makeup while you're traveling or for quick touch-ups.

LORAC Pro Palette 2
You also get a sample size of LORAC's Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer.

LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer

Again, just like the original, there are 16 shadows in the Pro Palette 2, 8 of which are matte and 8 of which are shimmery.

The palette contains: Buff, a matte yellow-toned beige; Lt. Brown, a matte mid-tone warm brown; Cool Gray, a matte mid-tone gray; Nectar, a matte muted peach; Plum, a matte dark plum; Navy, a matte bright navy; Charcoal, a matte dark gray; Black, a matte black; Snow, a shimmery white; Beige, a shimmery peachy champagne; Rose, a shimmery light rose gold; Mocha, a shimmery reddish bronze; Chrome, a shimmery mid-tone taupe; Silver, a shimmery bright silver; Jade, a shimmery olive green; and Cocoa, a shimmery chocolate brown.

LORAC Pro Palette 2
From l. to r.: Buff, Lt. Brown, Cool Gray, Nectar, Plum, Navy, Charcoal, Black

From l. to r.: Snow, Beige, Rose, Mocha, Chrome, Silver, Jade, Cocoa
LORAC has been promoting this as a cool-toned palette, and while it certainly has some lovely cool shades, there are also some warm shades as well.

Nectar, Rose, Jade, and Mocha are some of the most noticeable shades with warm undertones.

Personally, I like that it mixes both tones -- it makes the palette more versatile for me.

It also helps the Pro Palette 2 serve as a nice complement to the original Pro Palette which is pretty much exclusively warm and neutral tones.

The shadows' formula seems to be the same as those in the original palette. They are soft, smooth, and easy to blend -- even the mattes.  A couple of the darker shades like Plum and Navy can go on a little patchy depending on the eye base or primer that you use underneath, but if you work with them a little, they do cooperate eventually.

So I have no qualms recommending this palette -- it has lovely shades and performs really well.

I just don't see it as essential to everyone's makeup collection as the original.

That one contained pretty basic shades that all of us can use pretty regularly.

While the Pro Palette 2 doesn't really have wild shades, they aren't quite as universal. If you're a fan of the shades in the palette, then definitely pick it up. If they don't really float your boat, save your money for a palette that'll suit your tastes a little more.

I'm trying to follow that advice myself these days.

The palette retails for $42, and you can purchase it at the LORAC website and Ulta.

Have you tried the LORAC Pro Palette 2? Are you a fan? Do you prefer it to the original Pro Palette?


  1. The Lorac palettes are huge thes days and seeing how nicely pigmented this one is, it seems very justified.
    That said, I really can´t help but wonder: Will you ever show the glory of all the palettes you own on your blog? Pretty please!!! :D

    1. I can definitely do an overview of all my palettes -- I will add that to my list of future posts.

      I will probably be embarrassed by the sheer number of them (I don't think I've ever really counted, if you can believe that) but maybe it'll help me reorganize and pare down the collection a bit. My drawers are such a mess right now that it's almost painful. :P

    2. You´ll probably rediscover some old favourites too! ;) Sounds really exciting.

  2. i have a coworker that is headed to Los Vegas in august and i have asked her to pick this up for me, i am SO excited! i wish lorac would sell directly in canada again (maybe in the nordstrom flagship store?!)


    1. I didn't know that LORAC doesn't sell in Canada! That stinks. But I'm glad you're friend can pick it up for you (and totally jealous of her going to Vegas. :P) -- I bet you're going to love it. :)


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