Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review -- Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Native

When Urban Decay came out with their Naked Flushed Palette a year or so ago, I was intrigued.

I liked the idea of having a bronzer, highlighter, and blush all in one convenient compact.

But then I read some blog reviews and saw some swatches online and I got the impression that the original palette was a little too dark for my super fair skin so I couldn't justify paying $30 for a product that I wouldn't use all that often.

So I was really happy when Urban Decay came out with three additional color schemes in the Naked Flushed line -- and the palette in Native looked like it would be a good match for pale-skinned folks like me.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette in Native
Like the original Naked Flushed palette, Native features a bronzer (a light to medium shade), a highlighter (a shimmery pink champage), and a matte blush (a light to medium bright pink).

The compact contains 14 grams of product, but the largest portion is the bronzer, with the blush being slightly smaller, and the highlighter being just a thin strip in the center.

All three products are appropriately pigmented for what they are, but not so much that they're difficult to use on fair skin.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette in Native

Urban Decay Flushed Palette in Native

The bronzer isn't the best that I've ever used -- I feel like it has a slightly orange-y undertone -- but I do like using it with a fluffy brush just to add a little color and definition along my temples, under my cheekbones and along my jawline.

The blush is very nice, but it's not a particularly special color so it would be easy to dupe. The formula is nice, though -- it blends easily into the skin so it looks very natural.

The standout product for me is the highlighter -- it has become one of my absolute favorite highlighters. The slightly pink undertones really works beautifully with fair skin, and while there is definite shimmer, there isn't any chunky glitter that makes it look unnatural on the skin.

I really wish that Urban Decay would sell the highlighter(s) on its own because it's my favorite product in the palette and the one that I can honestly see myself using up, especially since it's the smallest of the three products.

The compact itself is a hard plastic and features a decent size mirror on the inside that would work for doing your makeup if you're away from home.

I definitely think the Naked Flushed Palettes are convenient for travel or throwing in your bag for touch ups after school or work because you have all three face products in one compact -- but I don't really see them as a must-have.

Obviously, I haven't tried all the other shades but with these all-in-one compacts, there's always a chance that you'll wind up liking one or two of the products more than others and you'd be better off just buying the items individually.

I definitely recommend heading to a Sephora and swatching the Naked Flushed Palettes, if possible, because I think that's the best way to tell if they're worth your money.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palettes? Do you like them? Which is your favorite?


  1. I´ve seen this one on lots of blogs but to be honest, since I´m not a bronzer-girl (us fair girls rarely are right?) it didn´t have much appeal. I could imagine using it as a straight up blush palette though, like using either hgihlighter, blush, blush+bronzer (for a darker blush) or blush+highlighter. I don´t think I´d ever just use the bronzer on it´s own. ^^;
    I´d be down for an all Blush palette by UD though!

    1. I've actually been using bronzer a little more often lately -- very, very lightly -- and I've come to really like the way it shapes and warms up my face but this one isn't one of my favorites. Too orange-y for fair skin. The highlighter is gorgeous, though. They should totally sell it as a single. I would love an UD blush palette -- they haven't really done too many cheek products so that would be fun.


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