Monday, April 14, 2014

Review -- Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I certainly don't have a problem spending money on beauty products.

It's kind of my one real indulgence.

So I'm just as likely to pick up a lipstick or eye shadow palette at Sephora or a department store makeup counter as I am at the drugstore. I like to try all different brands, at all different price points, because I just love makeup and I'm curious about everything that's out there.

But I do tend to shy away from what I consider the real luxury high-end beauty brands like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Tom Ford, YSL, etc., because those prices are a little too rich for my blood.

The only time I really indulge in those kinds of brands is when I've got some extra cash or gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.

That's how the Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer found its way into my life, anyway.

Because it's $42, which is a lot to pay for an under eye concealer, as far as I'm concerned  -- especially considering that I have some concealers that I already love for that area that are cheaper (Tarte's Maracuja Creaseless Concealer [$24], Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser [$7] and IT Cosmetic's Eyelift in a Tube [$29], to name just a few).

But I sort of feel like if you're going to splurge on luxury makeup items, face products are the way to go since they can make such a big difference in your overall look.

If I'm honest, though, when I pay more for a product like the Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer, I'm definitely expecting more than I would from a drugstore or mid-range product.

The Maestro Concealer does have a lot going for it.  It has a really thin, creamy consistency that blends easily under the eyes and doesn't really crease or settle in fine lines or wrinkles. Its finish is lovely too -- just a bit dewy so it really brightens up the under eye area.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer
But in some sense, I feel like the product's strengths are also its weaknesses.

Because it's a lightweight, thin formula, the coverage isn't particularly impressive. I'd call it medium at best -- now, my under eye circles aren't usually all that dark unless I'm really low on sleep or feeling under the weather, and the concealer works well for me. But if you've got extremely dark under eye circles, I'm not sure the Maestro will do enough for you.

Perhaps paired with Giorgio Armani's other under eye product, the Master Corrector, or any other under eye corrector, it would work. In fact, I'd say that this is an ideal concealer if you plan to use a corrector underneath because its thin consistency makes it ideal for layering without your under eye area looking cakey or heavy.

However, the Maestro Concealer also contains skincare ingredients, which means it doesn't just temporarily improve the look of under eye circles; it's supposed to improve their appearance long-term as well. According to a blurb on the Giorgio Armani website:

After two months, the results are unquestionable and dark circles are visibly reduced*. (*Test carried out on 22 women with dark circles, with an average age of 32 years). 

Now, I'm always trying new products and mixing up the products that I use, so I haven't used the concealer consistently enough to see those kinds of results. I'm always a little skeptical about claims like that with makeup, though.

I purchased the concealer in the lightest shade, 02, which is a pretty good match for my fair skin (though I wonder why the lightest shade isn't 01... that kind of bugs me for no good reason.). It has a slightly peachy undertone that seems to help counteract bluish discolorations under the eye.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer in Shade 02
At the risk of sounding nit-picky, I also have to complain about the packaging a bit. It comes in a black squeeze tube, which is fine enough, but whenever I take the cap off, there's always tons of product that's leaked around the tip and into the cap -- probably because the concealer has such a thin, almost liquid-y consistency. When I'm paying $42 for a concealer, though, I kind of expect not to have to deal with a mess every time I open the tube.

So while I think this is a really nice concealer if you've got light to medium dark circles, I don't really feel like it's enough of a game-changer to justify the price. I suppose if you have a really large beauty budget, you might find it worth the money. But if you're like me and have to be a little bit more choosy about what you spend your money on, I'd pass on this one and try one of the other concealers mentioned above.

I'll happily use up the rest of this tube, but I don't see myself repurchasing it in the future.

Have you tried the Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer? Are you a fan? What's your favorite under eye concealer?

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